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2024 Cannes Film Festival: Anya Taylor-Joy Fetes “Furiosa” with Dior

The star did a quick change from her red carpet gown to a black mini with fringed gloves.

2024 Cannes Film Festival: Anya Taylor-Joy Fetes “Furiosa” with Dior

2024 Cannes Film Festival: Anya Taylor-Joy Fetes “Furiosa” with Dior

2024 Cannes Film Festival: Anya Taylor-Joy Fetes “Furiosa” with Dior

2024 Cannes Film Festival: Anya Taylor-Joy Fetes “Furiosa” with Dior

2024 Cannes Film Festival: Anya Taylor-Joy Fetes “Furiosa” with Dior

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CANNES – Anya Taylor-Joy celebrated the premiere of “Furiosa” at the Cannes Film Festival at a poolside party hosted by Dior that rocked into the night.

“It was electric,” the actress said of the experience of seeing the completed film screened in the famous Grand Théâtre Lumière. “It was really, really fun. It’s my second time [in Cannes] and it’s just as magical as ever.”

The film received a seven-minute standing ovation.

Taylor-Joy made a quick change from her red carpet look for the post-premiere party, as she switched her angelic beige embroidered Dior tulle gown for a black mini-dress that had a tougher edge, and was accessorized with fringed opera gloves, towering heels and a show-stopping sparkling necklace.

The ever-game actress played it up for the scrum of flashing cameras and shouting photographers, making fun, outlandish poses with aplomb. She caught up with a few Dior friends before making a mad dash to the official afterparty on the beach across the street.

2024 Cannes Film Festival: Anya Taylor-Joy Fetes “Furiosa” with Dior

Juliette Binoche wears her sunglasses at night.

Juliette Binoche made a late entrance, hitting the Club Albane rooftop just as the clock struck midnight. Despite the late hour, she still looked crisp in a white suit and coolly kept her sunglasses on.

Binoche presented Meryl Streep with an honorary Palme d’Or at the opening ceremony, an experience she reveled in.

“I was so moved, as you can imagine,” she said. Binoche became teary on stage delivering a long speech praising the Oscar winner.

“It was beyond what I could expect. I watched a lot of films of hers to prepare, and I was a little nervous before saying everything I had to say to her, but she was so gracious,” she said. “We did that together in a way you know, as I was going through what I had to say she really helped me go through it. So I felt we were walking together.”

Maria Grazia Chiuri, artistic director of womenswear at Dior, designed both the red, off-the-shoulder gown that Binoche wore for the opening ceremony and her white suit for the second night’s festivities.

“She’s been sending me sketches by text, and we go back and forth,” Binoche said of the collaborative process. “I just love her. She’s very simple, and she’s very reachable. It’s so cool to work like that.”

2024 Cannes Film Festival: Anya Taylor-Joy Fetes “Furiosa” with Dior

Camille Cottin in a casual Dior suit.

French star Camille Cottin, whose duties as this festival’s official host saw her on stage with Binoche and Streep on opening night, also reflected on the experience.

“It was thrilling, and at the same time it was very moving,” she said. “[Streep] is exactly like I imagined she would be. She is so conscious of others, the people around her. She wants everyone to feel at ease. The way she behaves is a treat to everyone. She’s genuine, not fake. She’s just an incredibly elegant spirit.”

On stage, Cottin commented on the change that has happened in the film industry since the #MeToo movement in both Hollywood and France. Notably, the opening ceremony presenters were all women, along with jury president Greta Gerwig.

“It seemed to me that it was [a] very soft, soft, delicate [statement,]” she said of having a stage full of women.

In her opening speech, Cottin compared the patriarchy to a movie villain, and noted that Cannes could no longer be a place for nighttime hotel meetings between powerful men and young actresses. Still, the “Call My Agent!” star didn’t feel like her comments were controversial.

“It was in a way when writing it, but in a way that seems so obvious, it’s a nice way,” she said. “It also focuses on the fact that [the industry] has changed and is changing and that [change] will be protected moving forward. I didn’t think it was something brave to say, it was just facts about the change we are seeing.”

Cottin wore a dark green velvet gown to the opening ceremony, though she was in a more casual trouser and button-down vest look for the party. She held up the contrast as the perfect example of Chiuri’s range.

“It’s a treat to have the possibility to wear her creations,” the actress said. “She’s so versatile and can invent so many different women, so you can always find the woman that looks like you or your mood in a creation.”

Newly-anointed Dior menswear ambassador Louis Garrel also made an appearance, while director and Un Certain Regard jury president Xavier Dolan held court with his fellow jury members at a dinner table overlooking the sea.

Guests gathered on the balcony to watch a live performance by French singers Eddy de Pretto and Juliette Armanet that saw an energetic Armanet jump on top of her piano. It was electric.

2024 Cannes Film Festival: Anya Taylor-Joy Fetes “Furiosa” with Dior

Juliette Armanet on top of her piano.