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Former NBA All-Star Stephon Marbury Launches Color-changing Eyewear Brand Chamelo

The brand is launching with three collections of tech-enabled eyewear, offering features like Bluetooth audio, tint adjustment and touch-controlled color-changing technology.

Former NBA All-Star Stephon Marbury Launches Color-changing Eyewear Brand Chamelo

Stephon Marbury

Former NBA All-Star Stephon Marbury is looking to revolutionize the eyewear industry with a new brand rooted in technology. 

Marbury is behind the new eyewear brand Chamelo, which launches Wednesday with three collections of tech-enabled sunglasses. Marbury serves as the brand’s chief brand officer, alongside chief executive officer Reid Covington and chief operating officer Chase Larson. 

“I was like, ‘Wow this technology is pretty revolutionary and different,’ and ‘this is something we’ve never seen before,’” Marbury said. “Anytime you can be a part of something that people have never seen before, it’s like an awakening.” 

Chamelo’s three collections are designed with proprietary color-changing lenses and electronically enabled tint adjustment technology.

The brand’s Prismatic collection highlights Chamelo’s color-changing lenses. Wearers are able to switch between four colors with a swipe of their finger across the temple. The collection offers two color ranges — Energy, which includes clear, yellow, pink and orange colors; and Calm, which includes clear, red, blue and purple colors — in two frame styles. 

“The eyewear industry is built on outdated tech, and smart eyewear has historically scared off consumers with impractical designs and lack of genuinely useful features,” Covington said. “At Chamelo, we’re excited to lead the industry in bringing cutting-edge first-to-market technology to consumers and offering a level of customization and versatility never before seen in eyewear.”

Former NBA All-Star Stephon Marbury Launches Color-changing Eyewear Brand Chamelo


The brand’s Sport collection includes Chamelo’s Music Shield, a shield style with Bluetooth audio and built-in speakers and microphones that allows the wearer to listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks. The glasses’ lenses also offer a customizable tint that is adjustable.

Chamelo’s Lifestyle collection rounds out the brand’s launch offerings. The collection offers a range of sunglasses styles that includes the customizable tint technology. 

Marbury explained that he’s leveraging the work ethic he developed during his 13-year career playing with the NBA for Chamelo. 

“I apply that to how we speak and talk about the product, learning about it and making people understand about what the vision of the company is because we want to basically allow people to have something completely different,” he said. “For me, being able to put forth the effort of what I do and like about playing basketball — all that I’ve done as far as the preparation — I apply that to the company.” 

Chamelo’s launch collections range in price from $199 to $385. Going forward, the brand will expand the three collections later this year and introduce a new sunglasses style designed by Marbury.