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The bell-bottom bob is the cutest way to wear your hair short this summer

The bell-bottom bob is the cutest way to wear your hair short this summer

We have all the dreamy inspo.

If you thought you'd seen the last of '70s references in hair trends (see: curtain bangs and heavy layers), the bell-bottom bob is here to channel some seriously far-out energy, but in the most wearable and fashion-forward way.

The latest trend – which celebs including Gigi Hadid and Anok Yai have tapped up recently – picks up from the midi-length ‘bell-bottom cut’ we flagged last summer. And, as our favourite hairvoyant, Tom Smith, points out, it's "inspired by the flared cut out of bell bottom jeans, and the silhouette of a bell.

What is the bell-bottom bob?

‘70s babies will already know where we’re going with this but basically, the bell-bottom bob recreates the shape of flared out bell-bottom jeans, at a shorter bob length. It's “a bob with minimal layers (with or without a fringe), that's flipped out at the ends. It's slim to the head nearer the parting and flares out with volume at the ends,” explains Tom. You can wear it “either with perfect precision or a more undone texture,” he says.

Why choose a bell-bottom bob?

As with many beauty trends, this cut takes its cue from fashion, which is also experiencing a very '70s influence. “Bell-bottom jeans are currently trending in fashion. There's lots of overlap,” explains Tom, which is always a good sign your on top of a trend. The seventies festival staple feels perfect for summer and translated to our hair, it gives playful retro vibes.

It also offers a departure from the bobs we've seen over the past few years. “I haven't seen this style of bob trending in my career. The flick-out that a bob does is something that people have tried to fight against in the past. When you cut a long bob, it can be quite frustrating when it flicks out on the shoulders. It follows the curve of the neck and the shoulder, so a lot of [longer length bobs] will do this anyway. The fact that this is something that's been taken on as a style and being intentionally exaggerated is really fun. It's working on various lengths in various levels of drama,” Tom says.

The beauty of the bell-bottom bob is that it's less about the cut and more about the styling, so you can weave it into your everyday aesthetic without committing. It's a perfect way to add a new twist and some flair to a regular bob if you want to mix things up, plus it looks really cute, too.

How to style a bell-bottom bob?

You can edit how soft or statement you want to go with it. “The more perfect the ‘flipped’ ends are, the more dramatic the look. If you want to showcase a more symmetrical face, opt for a middle parting and a perfect sharp flip to the ends. If you prefer a softer look, try a side parting, with less precise flicks and try tucking one side behind your ear. You can make it really exaggerated, or soft and textured, [so long as] you can still see that bell-like silhouette,” says Tom.

As for how to style it yourself, “gently pre-dry the roots of your hair in a downward motion, then use a small round brush with the help of a styling mousse or heat protector spray to flick out the ends. If your hair drops out easily, try wrapping the ends up in a small Velcro roller while they cool to set the flick in place,” says Tom. “Finish with a strong hold hairspray. For a softer, more daytime wearable look shake the hair out after styling and add texture spray for a less perfect result,” he says.

How to wear a bell-bottom bob?

We've rounded up some of our favourite ways to wear the bell-bottom bob below…

Ultra short and exaggerated

Soft and textured

Smooth and sloped

Super straight, then super flicked

Softly sloped

Subtly flicked

Shoulder flick

Mussy but flicked

Waved and flicked

Silky and sloped

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