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Ryan Reynolds teases the name of his and Blake Lively’s fourth child

Ryan Reynolds teases the name of his and Blake Lively’s fourth child

Man’s got jokes.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s fourth kid’s name remains a mystery to us all. Well, not all of us. Presumably, the Lively-Reynolds household refers to the child as something other than “baby.”

However, the couple has not yet revealed the kid’s name to the general public. And based on Reynolds’s cheeky response on the Today show on May 13, we’re not going to find out anytime soon.

During his appearance to promote IF, the new part-live action, part-animated film about imaginary friends, Reynolds joked that he and Lively are waiting “for Taylor [Swift] to tell us” the name of their one-year-old.

“We always wait for Taylor to tell us what the child’s name will be,” Reynolds said. “And we’ll say this: We’re still waiting.” The man’s got jokes.

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Swift has been friends with the couple for years, and famously dropped the names of Reynolds and Lively’s kids—James, nine, Betty, seven, and Inez, four—on her track “Betty” from folklore. When she was a toddler, James also contributed her “baby voice” to the song “Gorgeous” off of 2017’s reputation.

In February 2023, the pair confirmed that they had welcomed their fourth kid, but did not share the child’s name nor their sex. That said, both are releasing films this year (It Ends With Us, starring Lively and Justin Baldoni, is out in August), which means they’ll be dodging questions from inquiring minds that want to know: What is Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s fourth kid’s name?? Ryan Jr.? Blake Jr.? Just “Junior”? C’mon, guys, throw us a bone!

If you ask me, Swift, Reynolds, and Lively have an incredible opportunity to debut the baby’s voice on “Gorgeous (Taylor’s Version),” and to list the child’s name in the credits. Swifties anticipate the singer will drop her rerecording of her sixth studio album soon anyway.… Just an idea!

This article originally appeared on GLAMOUR US.