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Google Gemini to Reportedly Get a Memory Feature That Lets It Remember Specific Information

The feature is said to allow Google’s Gemini to remember the context in future conversations.

Google Gemini to Reportedly Get a Memory Feature That Lets It Remember Specific Information

Reportedly, the Memory feature for Gemini could be released in the next few days


Google could reportedly release a new Memory feature that will allow its artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot Gemini to remember specific details about the users in future conversations. It appears the tech giant has taken a page out of OpenAI’s book as the latter introduced a similar feature for its ChatGPT app in February 2024. Based on the information provided by the report, Gemini’s Memory feature might function the same way. It is said that this feature will be released in the next few days. It may also appear at the Google I/O event scheduled for Tuesday.

Tipster Dylan Roussel on X (formerly known as Twitter) posted about this feature and claimed Google plans to call it Memory. He also shared a screenshot of the app where the intro slide of the feature can be seen. The rumours of the feature first surfaced last year, when a 9to5Google report highlighted that the tech giant was working to add long-term contextual memory in its chatbot. It is believed to be part of several new AI features that Gemini could get in the coming weeks.

Based on the screenshot, users will be able to tell Gemini to remember things such as where they live, work, and study or if they have any allergies. In future conversations, the chatbot will remember this information and tailor its responses to them. For instance, if a user has a peanut allergy, and asks the AI about an easy sandwich recipe, it will not suggest any recipe that might have peanuts in it. This would save the user the trouble of reminding Gemini over and over.

In the screenshot, the description of the feature states, “Gemini remembers info you shared in chats, like your interests and preferences, so you don’t have to repeat yourself. As Gemini learns more about you, you’ll get more responses tailored to your needs. Turn off memory or manage info on the Memory page at any time.”

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Additional information such as where this feature might be added, whether it will be app-exclusive or be available on the website, if memories can be deleted, and the privacy of the information shared is unclear at the moment. Google may introduce it officially at its I/O event that will start at 10:00am PT (10:30pm IST).