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What is the 2222 angel number and how can you harness its power?

What is the 2222 angel number and how can you harness its power?

Get the universe on your side.

Keep seeing 2222 everywhere? Clocks, receipts, signs, phone numbers?

If you've ever checked the time at the exact moment it turned 22:22, it's likely you already have a sense of what angel numbers are. It might sound a little ~ mystical ~ but numerology is actually a rapidly-expanding area of study. And if we're open-minded enough to tune into it, we might just start reaping the results.

GLAMOUR wanted to learn more about why 22/22 is such an important date in numerology, speaking to Chris and Suzanne Styles, the founders of Numerology For Women, and Zee, physic and founder of Zee to Zen, and astrologer Francesca Oddie, to find out what angel numbers are, what they mean, and how we can harness their power.

What are angel numbers?

First of all, what is an angel number? According to Chris and Suzanne, "Repeating numbers (like 1111 or 2222 or 3333) or numbers that appear in a significant sequence (like 1234 or 1551 or 2020) are referred to as “angel numbers.”

They add, “The use of the name angel is because it's believed that these are deeply significant spiritual messages for you from The Universe / Higher Power / Source Energy.”

What does 2222 mean?

If you're seeing 2222 on the clock, on receipts and on license plates, you might be wondering: what does it mean?

“Seeing lots of 2222 is a sign of FLOW,” says Oddie. “A sign that partnership, harmony and connection I surrounding you. It’s the reassurance you need to let you know you’re on the right path and keeping going.”

"The number 22:22 is an angel number, which represents harmony and serenity,” adds Zee. “It holds a very strong message that you must find balance in your life and that you need to gain clarity on what you want to desire and co-create with the universe to take aligned action," says Zee.

What should you do if you see the 2222 angel number?

So, what should you do if the universe is telling you to rediscover a sense of balance?

“Relax, reflect and journal to dig deep into your thoughts. The main focus is that we must be in a state of gratitude for what we have in the present moment in order to manifest the magic on this day. People forget we cannot receive if we are not grateful for what we already posses,” Zee explains.

“A tip to show your gratitude is sit in a state of reflection and really look at how far you have come. Feel and visualise the gratitude you have and once you have sat in that mindset take yourself to a place of the future you. Using that time on the clock 22:22, this evening to really visualise who you want to be, how does that person act, feel, look, talk or even show up. You will feel an overwhelming happiness and truly step into that version of you for a couple of minutes. The alignment of the numbers really is magic in itself.”

Adds Oddie, “Other numbers might warn you change is coming or money is coming but this is about connecting deeply to the people around you and pursuing the connections you have!”

2222 meaning for your career

When it comes to career, seeing the number 2222 everywhere you look might mean you are on the right path in your job. As 2222 is a sign of harmony and peace, seeing it might indicate that your career is exactly where it needs to be. Think of it as a sign from the universe that everything is going just as it should — that you are on the right track to find success and fulfilment.

Use it as an opportunity to reflect on how far you've come in your career and find a sense of gratitude for what you've achieved. And, if you tend to focus on the future, use 2222 as a sign to relax and enjoy the present — because you're on the right path and everything will fall into place if you keep doing exactly what you're doing.

2222 meaning in love

If you're in a relationship already, 2222 can be a great sign. It might mean that you're in the right relationship for you at this moment. If your partner makes you feel calm and peaceful, seeing 2222 might be a sign that you have found a harmonious match that suits you perfectly.

If you aren't in a relationship seeing the number 2222 repeatedly might be a sign that you are lacking the balance and harmony that comes from a strong match — but it could also mean that that person is right around the corner!

In any case, seeing the angel number 2222 means that you should pay extra close attention to whether or not your love life is giving you a sense of peach and stability. After asking yourself this question, you'll probably have a better idea of what the angel number is trying to tell you.