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Blonde Jessica Biel has entered the summer hair trends chat

Blonde Jessica Biel has entered the summer hair trends chat

Is platinum the new bob?

Everybody else can go home, because bleach blonde Jessica Biel is officially my summer hair inspiration. Every natural brunette deserves a blonde moment once in a while, and Jessica took hers a few days after the 2024 Met Gala.

Jessica is usually known for her rich, brown, Kate Middleton-esque locks, but apparently decided to take a chance on platinum this summer. The The Sinner actor was photographed in New York City on 8th May with ice-blonde hair under her blue baseball cap, which you can see published here in People.

It's too early to tell if blonde is about to dethrone the almighty bob as the reigning hair trend, but we've definitely been seeing some lighter hair shades lately, from “luxe blonde” to “trophy blonde” to Margot Robbie-inspired Barbie blonde to Beyoncé's Targaryan blonde look for the Renaissance movie premiere in November 2023.

Jessica doesn't usually stray too far from her natural hair colour, but we have seen blonde Jessica Biel before. Notably in 2008, for instance, she dyed her hair a bright platinum, which she debuted at the BAFTAs. And in 2018, she went for a less dramatic, golden honey blonde colour with lots of highlights, per W Magazine.

This feature was originally published on GLAMOUR US.