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I Tried the World’s Fastest Lash Lift and These Were the Results

I Tried the World's Fastest Lash Lift and These Were the Results

If there’s one beauty treatment I will forever claim as my favourite “high maintenance to be low maintenance” treatment, it would be a lash lift. There is nothing better than getting your natural lashes lifted and tinted to wake up feeling “pretty” without the over-done, or obvious look false lashes can give you. I’m also not great at anything stuck on, whether they’re nails or strip lashes, as I tend to get irritated after a few weeks and pick them away. There is one drawback however, and that’s how long it takes for each lash to be lifted. I am not a massive fan of laying down for over an hour with my eyes forced shut. Not only do I find it quite irritating to my sensitive eyes, I get bored and can often spend much of the treatment thinking about whether or not I should be opening my eyes. So when I was invited to try a lash lift dubbed “The World’s Fastest”, obviously I jumped at the chance.

Born in Australia, the innovative Elleebana Lash Lift is a two-step process that only takes between 20-30 minutes to give the appearance of longer, thicker and darker lashes that lasts up to eight weeks. Celebrity fans including Made in Chelsea stars Sophie Habboo, Melissa Tattam and Ruby Adler, who are all known to love this particular lash lift thanks to its speed and efficiency. Lash and brow artist, Emmy Creates, who counts the above as clients, says: “When having beauty treatments celebrity clients need something that is low maintenance, impactful which keeps the integrity or health of the hair. Elleebana has always been ahead of the game, lashes come out perfect with the most beautiful C curl and have a flawless regrowth that celebrity clients are after.”

But, could it have the same effect as a traditional lash lift in half the time? Would the product be stronger and therefore more irritating? Would I be able to sit for the entire treatment without the urge to open my eyes? Read on to find out.

What Is the Elleebana Lash Lift?

I Tried the World's Fastest Lash Lift and These Were the Results

A lash lift is when your eyelashes are curled from root to tip to form a curl. This is a cosmetic procedure that needs to be applied by a professional in a salon, where a formula is applied to each individual lash, that sets the hair. This is similar to how hair is curled in a perm. As part of the treatment the lashes are curled upwards and held in place with a specially made shield. It is usually finished with a tint to really enhance the lashes. I find that although it is not painful, it can be a bit uncomfortable to sit with your eyes closed and my eyes tend to get slightly irritated by the chemicals for about 15 mins after the treatment. It is so important to always patch test first for this reason, as minimal irritation is normal but any more should be considered as a red flag.


In terms of whether the Elleebana lash lift is the world’s fastest, I can’t confirm this to be correct. It still took around 40 minutes for my lashes to be lifted, however this is a lot quicker than the majority of treatments I have had before. It is also worth noting that this particular formula can be used to laminate eyebrows too, as it’s sensitive enough to touch the skin, unlike other lash lift solutions. I would still say there were points when I really wanted to open my eyes, as for some reason being forced to close my eyes for so long can make me feel a bit claustrophobic, but it wouldn’t put me off having it again. I liked how this felt like there was hardly any waiting around. It was the process that took the time rather than waiting for it to take. This made the time feel faster than having to sit there waiting. In the past I have had many lash lift treatments which have included a pedicure or facial whilst the formula takes, which in practice may sound good, but I have never found them relaxing or appealing due to having my eyes closed and the strong smell and feeling of the chemicals. Overall I found the Elleebana lash lift a much better experience.

What Are the Benefits of the Elleebana Lash Lift?

Ah, let me count the ways I love a lash lift. No honestly, the benefits are endless. Once you’ve had the treatment there is very little aftercare apart from avoiding heat and steam for 24 hours and using a spooly to brush the lashes if you see them getting clumped together. I would personally recommend investing in a lash conditioner if you are planning to have this regularly, as it can make the lashes drier than usual. Although this won’t cause damage as such, it is no different to adding colour or treatments to your hair and needing a conditioner when you wash it. This will help the texture stay smooth and conditioned.

I especially love the benefits of a lash lift in the summer months when your eyes can get irritated and watery due to irritations or allergies, as it means you can leave the mascara at home. Which is why it’s also one of my go-to pre-holiday treatments as it means no panda eyes in a swimming pool. If you’ve got a summer of weddings and special occasions it’s also a great alternative to false lashes and mascara, especially if you’re the type to shed a few tears. What can I say? I’m a crier.

The Results of the Elleebana Lash Lift

I Tried the World's Fastest Lash Lift and These Were the Results

As you can see from the photos, my lashes look completely different. Lifted, curled and wide open, this is the ultimate no-makeup makeup treatment that will forever be my favourite. My eyes look wider and more open, it makes me look younger as my lashes appear fuller – think young child with incredible natural lashes – and I can’t wait to get up tomorrow and leave the mascara at the back of the draw. I love that I look “done” without the need for any makeup and it will stop anyone asking me why I am so tired on the school run for at least a few weeks. In terms of irritation, my eyes settled very quickly after the solution was wiped away and there was no soreness or redness after 15 minutes or so.

Where Can You Get the Elleebana Lash Lift in the UK?

The Elleebana Lash Lift treatment starts from £45.00 and is available at salons nationwide.


I went to Everlasting Salon in NW1, London for a PR treatment with Lash Technician Kelly

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