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Megan Fox chopped her hair off, got bangs, and dyed it a new colour

Megan Fox chopped her hair off, got bangs, and dyed it a new colour

She's going back to basics — with a twist.

It's been a year of change for Megan Fox. The actor has been busy experimenting with a plethora of different hair colours over the past few months, starting with her dramatic “red velvet" bob from autumn 2023.

Megan stuck with the fiery red shade for a while, then dabbled in pastel pink, faded “blue jeans” blue, and turquoise tones, but it looks like she's reversed course and is back to basics once again.

Megan Fox chopped her hair off, got bangs, and dyed it a new colour

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“She's a brunette again,” Megan proclaimed on Instagram, sharing a handful of photos of the transformation. It's part classic Megan, what with the deep espresso brunette hair colour that colourist Dimitris Giannetos dubbed “espresso martini,” but there's a twist.

Megan's hair has been trimmed up into a chin-length tousled bob and she got bangs! New colour? Check. New cut? Yep! Fringe? You know it.

The look checks all the boxes of a fresh spring change-up and feels new, but it's also reminiscent of the young Megan Fox we met in those Mary-Kate and Ashley tween movies too.

“She wanted me to take her back to her natural colour,” says Dimitris. “So double espresso martini was the right sip.”

Megan is now sporting a sweet little French bob, which hits just below her jawline and is paired with brow-skimming fringe to up the flirty factor; Dimitris shares that the entire vibe was inspired by Sophia Loren and Monica Bellucci.

The chocolate brown hair colour plus the short length and bangs really brings out her bright blue eyes, as does her cherry red lipstick courtesy makeup artist Ash Holm.

Fox is a natural brunette, so it's not a huge shock to see her return to her colour comfort zone, as fun as the crimson, cotton candy, and cerulean shades were.

If there's ever a time to hit the refresh button, it's the season of renewal and rebirth, and Taurus queen Megan Fox knows it.

A version of this article originally appeared on Allure.