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“Bridgerton”: Claudia Jessie on How Eloise Navigates Betrayal and Heartbreak in Season 3

"Bridgerton": Claudia Jessie on How Eloise Navigates Betrayal and Heartbreak in Season 3

Dearest readers, “Bridgerton” season three is almost upon us. At the end of season two, Eloise Bridgerton (Claudia Jessie) discovered that her best friend Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) was Lady Whistledown, the source of hurtful gossip across the ton. Eloise also lost her friend and potential love interest Theo Sharpe. So, in season three of the Netflix drama (our May 16) how will this young woman navigate friendship betrayal and romantic heartbreak?

We sat down with Claudia Jessie and Jessica Madsen, who plays Cressida Cowper, for some teasers about Eloise’s development in season three.

Eloise Feels More Guarded This Season. Has This Shift Come From Penelope’s Betrayal?

Claudia: It’s 100% the catalyst. Eloise has done a lot of talking about what her ideals and standards are. Obviously, it’s quite an impressive sight that she’s not able to really go for what she wants. I think this is the catalyst – it’s a huge betrayal and Eloise is hurt.

Over the Past Two Seasons, Eloise and Penelope Have Had a Very Close Friendship – What Was it Like Filming with Nicola Coughlan Now Your Characters Are Enemies?

Claudia: Yeah, it’s weird! It’s been a long time of us being in scenes together being very cute and sweet. Now, we’re having barneys all the time – but we do love it. We love to show that side of our characters. In between, if we’ve done anything too intense, we have a little cuddle in between the scenes.

Eloise Also Loses Her Friendship With Love Interest Theo Sharpe. Will Eloise Still be Inspired to Break Free of the Ton and Follow Politics?

Claudia: You can’t stop a runaway! Eloise is quite a sheltered, privileged young woman. So, she’s read all the books and stuff about politics but Theo was able to say: “This is the working class who are talking about all of these amazing things that mean a lot to people.” So, I think she had this desire for it, but she’d never had the access to the community before. I don’t think her desire has gone anywhere. I just think sometimes when you’re left alone through loss, you’re probably more likely to go down a path you wouldn’t have before. I think it’s in spite of herself. I think Eloise is really clear about what she wants for herself – I don’t think that’s changed. I just think she’s exploring what everyone else is doing.


"Bridgerton": Claudia Jessie on How Eloise Navigates Betrayal and Heartbreak in Season 3

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Speaking of Going Down a Path You Wouldn’t Have Before, Where Has This Unlikely Friendship Between Eloise and Cressida Cowper Come From?

Claudia: Yeah, it does seem unusual because the last time you saw them interact Eloise said she’d “rather die” than hang out with her. However she [Cressida] has shown her kindness and Eloise has been a bit lost at this time and found someone being nice to her. I think it’s nice, they do teach each other a lot as well. Cressida is also in quite a suffocating situation trying to find a husband. So, it’s quite nice to be able to see that there’s this beautiful human side to her as well, and that precedent does fit Eloise as well, because she teaches her how to listen a bit more.

Jessica: They are an unusual pairing but they have a real friendship and they learn a lot from each other. Eloise really propels her into looking at who she is and how she’s behaved and opens her up. Hopefully the audience will see that you might judge somebody for being harsh, cold and somewhat cruel. But deep down, if you really give them enough kindness, you might open someone up and change them.

We Know Fans Will Be Keen to Hear About the Steamy Sex Scenes This Season, Can You Reveal Anything?

Claudia: I think the fans will be very pleased. I never know how to answer this question! But they are shot beautifully and from the female gaze which is amazing to see.

Do You Think Penelope and Eloise’s Friendship Will Ever Get Back on Track?

Claudia: Oh, team #Peneloise, don’t lose hope! I just think they do have a bit of a hill to climb because the betrayal is quite large. But don’t loose hope fans.

Bridgerton Season Three: Part One airs on Netflix 16 May.

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