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Tenniscore hair is set to rule this summer and these are the styles to watch

Tenniscore hair is set to rule this summer and these are the styles to watch

Sporty and stylish 🎾

I don't know about you, but things have moved from cutesy to sporty as Barbiecore has made way for Tenniscore this summer. And alongside the athletica outfits, Tenniscore hair is having a major moment.

Of course, we have Zendaya to thank for a fair amount of the hype. Her recent press tour to promote her new tennis-focused film, Challengers, saw her go method with some truly phwoar tenniscore inspo that could easily work in our own wardrobe and beauty routine. But her hairstylist, Ursula Stephen, in particular served up look after look that hit harder than those volley shots in the film's trailer. Our favourite? The immaculate butt-length braid which Ursula revealed to GLAMOUR was designed to look “sporty, chic and rich."

“The ultimate tenniscore style inspiration is Zendaya,” confirms top hair stylist Sam McKnight, MBE, who adds: “credit to her hairstylist, [she's] a great source of inspiration.”

Elsewhere, the athleisure trend has been steadily building for years, but as it collided with TikTok's old money aesthetic we've seen a shift from relaxed leggings to preppy tennis skirts and polo necklines, with brands like Alo, Wilson and Lacoste all gaining in popularity.

What is tenniscore?

Like Barbiecore and Balletcore before it, the Tenniscore aesthetic pays homage to signature motifs associated with the theme. In this case the preppy-meets sporty style of tennis players. “Tenniscore styles have a foundation in, yes of course tennis, but essentially, it’s a sporty, clean-girl aesthetic. It’s the perfect fresh-faced style," says Sam.

What is tenniscore hair?

The aesthetic taps into the hairstyles that come to mind when you think of female tennis players. Imagine anything you'd pair with a visor, like swishy plaits and ponytails. “Its hair swept back from the face,” says Sam. “An effortless braided ponytail is a tennis girl go-to and has been seen on the courts endlessly,” he adds.

How to wear tenniscore hair?

The trick is to ensure it feels slicked back and neat, like you're about to get your game on. Below are three easy styles you can do to jump on the tenniscore trend…

Sleek braids

The number one tennis girl hairstyle is of course, the sleek braid. Level it up with a high-shine finish, says Sam, who recommends a gel to add glossiness and a nourishing Oil, like the Hair by Sam McKnight Love Me Do, through the lengths before braiding. “Elevate the style by covering the hair elastic with a slim piece of hair wrapped around the band,” he says, or add accessories like a bow or snap clips for extra personality.

Sporty ponytails

Keep things sporty with a slick ponytail that tucks tendrils and fringes out the way and off the face. “A sporty pony sits mid-height or low onto the occipital bone (just above the neck)," says Sam. It should feel sleek and smooth, so introducing a nourishing balm or pomade will help to lay down flyaways and keep everything in place.

The headband

If you want a style that's tenniscore inspired but still brings the glamour, pair a sporty headband against “done” hair. We love the luxe juxtaposition. “This style is all about a preppy blow-dry with a wide head band,” says Sam. “All you need is some hairspray to tidy flyaways,” he adds.

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