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Brunello Cucinelli, Mytheresa Bond Again for High Summer Capsule

The launch on Wednesday will be preceded by a two-day experiential event on Lake Orta.

Brunello Cucinelli, Mytheresa Bond Again for High Summer Capsule

A look from the Brunello Cucinelli high summer capsule campaign with Mytheresa.

MILAN — Brunello Cucinelli and Mytheresa will celebrate their longstanding relationship with a two-day Italian experience at Lake Orta starting Friday evening with a dinner by Michelin star chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo at the 19th-century Villa Crespi.

The event precedes the launch of a 2024 high summer capsule collection by Cucinelli with Mytheresa to be unveiled on the e-tailer’s site on Wednesday with a dedicated communication campaign.

The picturesque lake nestled in the northeastern corner of Piedmont, next to Lake Maggiore, and the beautiful Moresque-style Villa Crespi with its minaret-like tower and stucco Arabesque decorations “perfectly complement the culture and lifestyle that Mytheresa and Brunello Cucinelli embody,” said Michael Kliger, chief executive officer of Mytheresa. “These locations offer an exquisite backdrop for hosting our top-tier clientele, aligning seamlessly with the luxury experience we aim to provide.”

The 2024 high summer collection is only the latest collaboration and Kliger said that Cucinelli “remains one of our top-performing brands, consistently resonating with our high-spending clientele. Its success not only reflects in our sales figures but also in the strong affinity our top customers have toward it.” Cucinelli “plays a pivotal role in our brand portfolio strategy, embodying the quality and ethos that our discerning customers appreciate.”

Kliger attributed the strength of the brand with Mytheresa customers to the platform’s “unique focus on discerning, high-spending clientele who prioritize building a timeless wardrobe.” This is in “perfect” alignment with Cucinelli’s “commitment to quality and craftsmanship, resonating deeply with our customer base,” he contended.

Asked whether the capsule responded to any particular request, the executive said that Mytheresa customers “consistently show interest in Brunello Cucinelli’s signature elements such as casual tailoring and luxurious cashmere. Additionally, there’s a notable demand for the brand’s shoe collection, reflecting the diverse preferences of our clientele.”

Brunello Cucinelli, Mytheresa Bond Again for High Summer Capsule

A look from the Brunello Cucinelli capsule for Mytheresa.

Price is not an issue, as Mytheresa’s “high-spending customers typically prioritize quality and craftsmanship over price, making them less resistant to premium pricing,” Kliger said. “However, they do require a compelling narrative that encapsulates the product, lifestyle and brand culture to justify their investment.”

The laid-back capsule promises to provide lightness and comfort. Mediterranean shades of blue run through the men’s and women’s collections, offset by striped patterns in the latter and gray-washed greens in the former.

Brunello Cucinelli, Mytheresa Bond Again for High Summer Capsule

A look from the Brunello Cucinelli capsule with Mytheresa.

Ethnic patterns, raffia stripes on meshes and net-effect styles are distinctive elements in the women’s lineup of neutral colors with dark accents.

Mytheresa has, over the years, continued to offer special capsules to its customers with brands ranging from Givenchy, Pucci and Saint Laurent to Etro, to name a few, and most recently, Dries Van Noten. Asked to comment on this strategy, Kliger said it is “driven by the desire to inspire and cater to their [customers’] exclusive tastes. We carefully select brands and timing to ensure each capsule offers unique products aligned with specific wardrobe occasions. This approach not only drives desire but also enhances the overall shopping experience for our clientele.”

In October, Mytheresa teamed with Cucinelli on a 27-piece capsule collection and lifestyle campaign that aimed to highlight art, craft and family, which followed on from previous collaborations, including a family capsule collection in April 2020 offering womenswear, menswear and kidswear, and a womenswear high summer capsule in June 2021.

In September 2022, Mytheresa took a group of VIP customers to Cucinelli’s headquarters in Solomeo, the medieval hamlet the namesake entrepreneur restored over the years.