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Don’t feel represented by the beauty industry? We want to hear from you

Don't feel represented by the beauty industry? We want to hear from you

Take The Beauty Census and ignite change now.

At GLAMOUR, we believe that the beauty industry should be an inclusive and welcoming space for all. We can all become better allies by shopping from Black beauty founders and female-owned brands.

Don't feel represented by the beauty industry? We want to hear from you

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The British Beauty Council is keen to play its part, too. On April 30, the non-profit organisation – which represents the wider beauty industry and generates conversations about the issues it faces with Government – launched its “A Beauty Industry That Looks Like You” campaign.

Despite knowing that the British beauty industry is made up of 80% females and offers equal opportunity across the UK, there is little data about the people who really make up its numbers – information that is crucial in order to initiate change.

“We have done extensive research into the statistical social footprint of the beauty industry, however anecdotal evidence into human behaviours and challenges within the industry is lacking,” says Millie Kendall OBE, who is CEO of the British Beauty Council.

“That’s why we have launched this new campaign ‘A Beauty Industry That Looks Like You’. It will ensure we have the scope of data we need to propel real change when it comes to access to industry, social mobility, inclusivity and equity.”

Here's how you can play your part.

Driving the campaign is a survey – The Beauty Census – which is the largest industry survey of its kind. It is open to everyone who loves beauty in the UK, as well as the 500,000 people who make up its workforce.

It encourages you to have your say around representation, equity, education, inclusion and belonging in the beauty industry in order to, as the campaign name implies, “create a beauty industry that looks like you”, says Millie.

A stellar line-up of beauty professionals also feature in the campaign visuals – from brand founder and diversity advocate, Ateh Jewel; and professional make-up artist and Glow Up alumni, Jack Oliver; to Managing Director of L’Occitane UK & Ireland, Dianna Tieu.

So join the conversation and have your say here.

The campaign ‘A Beauty Industry That Looks Like You’ will run from April 30 until July 26 and the results will be presented at British Beauty Week 2024 (October 23-27).