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Rihanna says she’s already over her blonde era

Rihanna says she's already over her blonde era

“I get bored, and I need to move on to something, or I'm going to crawl out of my body.”

No matter what anyone says about her look, Rihanna is going to do what she wants. If you don't like it, she doesn't care. If you love it? Guess what: She also doesn't care. It's nothing personal. Like so many of us, she just gets antsy to switch things up, so even when folks are freaking out — in a good way — about her latest hairstyle or colour, she's already plotting to move on to something new.

Discerning eyes will notice that, on April 26, when Rihanna attended an event celebrating the launch of her new Fenty Beauty Soft’Lit Naturally Luminous Longwear Foundation, the nearly platinum tone she's been seen in lately — sometimes with bangs — took a more golden turn. It almost perfectly matched her strapless dress, not to mention the overall vibes of the event and product, which Rihanna calls “golden hour in a bottle.” But if her hair's golden hue is already gone tomorrow, don't be surprised.

“I get bored. I get bored, and I need to move on to something, or I'm going to crawl out of my body,” Rihanna told Allure on the Fenty Beauty red carpet. “Cut it. I don't care. It's hair. It'll grow back. Bleach it, whatever. Just do something.”

Rihanna says she's already over her blonde era

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She understands why people are reluctant to make major changes to their hair, but personally, she just can't help herself. “I feel like a lot of people get scared to play with hair because it's such a huge part of your identity,” she says, turning to stylist Yusef with sarcastic remorse. “Tomorrow, I'm not going to have this hairstyle and my hairstylist is going to be mad about it.”

And when we told her people are obsessed with the colour right now, that seemed to seal the deal. “What you trying to say? I should change it now. You going to make me change it now,” she said. “I'm over it anyway.”

Regardless of her next hair move, one thing is for sure: She's going to complement it with her new foundation, which promises an especially radiant finish. And according to Rihanna, there's really no wrong way to apply it. “I like to sheer it out depending on what I want. I like to pretend that I'm not wearing any makeup at all sometimes, and then I like to go all out,” she told Allure. “So it really is about how you apply the foundation, whether you want it sheer, whether you want it medium, whether you just want to pack it on it layers. I like to go from supernatural to drag.”

This article originally appeared on ALLURE.