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Netflix hit documentary What Jennifer Did is under fire for using AI to manipulate pictures

Netflix hit documentary What Jennifer Did is under fire for using AI to manipulate pictures

The true crime doc tells the story of Jennifer, who was convicted of a “kill-for-hire conspiracy” against her parents.

Netflix true crime documentary What Jennifer Did instantly hit the streamer's top 10 chart after dropping earlier this month.

In the 2010s, Jennifer was convicted of a “kill-for-hire conspiracy” against her parents, which led to her mother's death and major injuries for her father, including a medically-induced coma.

But a new layer of conspiracy as been added to the documentary's story. According to reports from Futurism, the documentary allegedly used pictures of Pan that had been manipulated by artificial intelligence. Reports say that use of AI is not acknowledged in the credits, causing fans to feel distrustful of the documentary's portrayal of Jennifer Pan's story.

Here's what we know about this latest twist in the story of Jennifer Pan.

What is What Jennifer Did About?

The true crime documentary follows the story of Jennifer Pan and her family after she reports a heartbreaking emergency, and ends up being convicted for a crime herself.

“When Jennifer Pan calls 911 to report that her parents have been shot, she becomes the primary focus of a captivating criminal case. Jenny Popplewell's new doc reveals the twisted truth behind Jennifer Pan's plot to murder her parents.”

This came after a longstanding struggle between her and her parents – the documentary recounts a huge web of lies that Jennifer told throughout adolescence and early adulthood, during the time of the attack on her parents she was living under a strict routine as a way for her parents to try and curb her behaviour.

At the age of 24, she repeatedly to hire someone to kill her father, and succeeded with the help of three co-conspirators, who she left the door open for so they could enter the house to attack her parents.

Netflix hit documentary What Jennifer Did is under fire for using AI to manipulate pictures

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In 2014, aged 28, she was found guilty of both first-degree murder of her mother and the attempted murder of her father. The Netflix documentary takes us through the full harrowing story.

She was sentenced to life in prison without parole for 25 years in January 2015. The courts have suggested there may be a retrial, but no concrete information on this is available currently.

How has What Jennifer Did allegedly used AI?

During a segment of the documentary that interviews Jennifer’s high school friend, Nam Nguyen, three pictures are shown in succession as he recalls his relationship with her and the memories they shared.

He describes her as "great to talk to,” adding: “Jennifer, you know, was bubbly, happy, confident, and very genuine”.

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In a picture that shows Jennifer posing and giving the peace sign, fans have flagged that the background is distorted, and that her fingers and hands also look altered. In another, a close up of her smiling, one of her front teeth appears to be much longer than her other front tooth, her right cheek seems to have an unnatural-looking gap or groove in it and her left ear also appears warped.

These inconsistencies in two of the three images have caused true crime fans to demand answers.

GLAMOUR has reached out to Netflix for comment.