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Are Jono and Ellie from Married At First Sight Australia still together?

Are Jono and Ellie from Married At First Sight Australia still together?

It's the scandal none of us saw coming.

Married At First Sight never fails to hit the spot, but this season of the Australian edition has been nothing short of legendary. With memorable romances, jaw-dropping scandals and plenty of unexpected drama, it has been keeping us on our toes for months.

Like the British version we know and love, Married At First Sight Australia sees a team of relationship experts pairing off strangers who then proceed to walk down the aisle and “marry” at first sight. The show then follows their budding relationships until the couples reach “final vows” where they decide where to stick with their partners or head their separate ways.

Are Jono and Ellie from Married At First Sight Australia still together?

Red Arrow/Nine

Although the show is still airing her in the UK, over in Australia, it has already wrapped up — in other words, we know a few spoilers about the drama to come.

One of the biggest shocks this season has been the affair between Jono and Ellie. Although both were initially paired with other people, after they started texting, they eventually became a couple and even rocked up to the MAFs reunion together.

So are Jono and Ellie still together after MAFS? Read on for the latest updates on the pair.

Jono and Ellie’s MAFs journey

Jono and Ellie didn't actually begin their MAFs journey together. Jono was originally paired with Lauren, while Ellie was coupled with Ben.

Are Jono and Ellie from Married At First Sight Australia still together?

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After Ellie and Ben decided to part ways a few weeks into the show.

Meanwhile, Jono and Lauren continued to try to make things work — although they often struggled to see eye to eye. After initially feeling happy about the match, things hit a snag when Lauren claimed that Jono was “too nice” for her. “He's lovely, but I just feel like he's probably too nice for me. He needs to be a bit more vulgar, make it more interesting,” she said.

Later, Jono also agreed that Lauren seemed to want someone with more edge. “I spent 20 years trying not to be reactive trying to be calm and it's not what Lauren wants,” he said.

They hit another rough patch when Jack told Jono to “muzzle your woman”, referring to Lauren who had told Jack's bride something he had said behind her back (long story!). Jono failed to stand up for Lauren in the moment and later received backlash from the experts.

Although Lauren and Jono continued working on their relationship, Lauren eventually discovered that her husband had reached out to Ellie and had been secretly texting her.

“You reached out to her," Lauren said after finding hundreds of texts on his phone. “These aren't just relaying information that happened the night before, this is more than that. My stomach dropped.”

What happened at the final vows?

While Ellie and Ben left the show before reaching final vows, Jono and his wife, Lauren, did make it all the way to the final episode. However, after all of their struggles (including all of those incriminating texts between Jono and Ellie), they decided to part ways.

“Lauren, the first day I met you was one of the best days I’ve had in years. I turned round to see a beautiful woman with striking blue eyes,” he began. He went on to explain why the pair had struggled to make the relationship work.

Are Jono and Ellie from Married At First Sight Australia still together?

Red Arrow/Nine

“I feel like you viewed everything I did through a negative lens, you would say that I wasn’t assertive, that I was boring and robotic,” he said. “You said in our vows you will support and respect me, I don’t really feel like you ever respected me. However I kept trying as I was hopeful.”

Jono then brought up the Ellie of it all. “At the next commitment ceremony it was mentioned that I had been messaging Ellie,” he said. “I didn’t think this was an issue, you snatched my phone off me and pretended that the messages with Ellie were flirty.”

He went on, "Seeing you so willing to lie like that to make me look bad astonished me, and by lying to the whole group to make me look bad, you showed you don’t support me and that makes me deeply upset. This is when I knew you aren’t the person for me. I do wish you all the best in this crazy journey we call life."

What happened at the MAFs reunion?

People were shocked when Jono and Ellie arrived at the MAFs reunion as a couple — especially after Jono had asserted that his texts with Ellie had not been “flirty”.

During the reunion, things got a little dramatic. Ellie was even shown yelling at Lauren, calling her a “f***ing b****”.

lauren later cleared the air in a Instagram Story, asking her fans to cut Ellie some slack.

"To everyone trolling and attacking Ellie at her workplace, please stop immediately."

"What you see on TV is only a small portion of what goes on. Regardless of what you saw on TV (filmed months ago) I have no problems with Jono and Ellie and neither of them deserve to be harassed or bullied.

"Please can everyone let them be happy and let's all move on."

Lauren has also since opened up about Jono's new relationship.

“I could not be happier for Jono,” she told Daily Mail. “Me and him were forced to be together, we didn't choose each other, and we gave it our absolute all. I honestly I could not be happier that they found love, because Jono and I weren't in love.”

Ben, Ellie's original partner has also spoken about his thoughts on the “cheating” scandal. “I saw the way they looked at each other from the start and I suspected something fishy was going on,” said Ben to Yahoo!. However, he added, “I honestly wish them well as they seem happy together. We text sometimes still.”

Are Jono and Ellie still together after the MAFS reunion?

By the looks of things, yes! Ellie and Jono are still going strong having come out the other side of all of the MAFs drama.

After the tumultuous reunion, Ellie shared a statement on Instagram: “Ready to leave this experiment behind and continue our relationship 👋🏼 #MAFS," she wrote.

This week, Ellie took to Instagram to share that she and Jono were taking their first holiday together.

“Our first overseas holiday! Aaaand the best boyfriend award goes to Jono who surprised me with a trip to Vanuatu for my birthday 🥇🌴,” she wrote. “Jono you are one in a billion and I’m so grateful to have met you ❤️ Already so excited for the next adventure with you xx”