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The Spice Girls reunited, and their beauty looks made me so nostalgic

The Spice Girls reunited, and their beauty looks made me so nostalgic

Friendship never ends!

Some of my fondest memories of all time involve the Spice Girls. I was the perfect age to get swept up in all things Spice, and my friends and I spent hours dressing up like our chosen Girl and performing concerts for our parents. (I was Baby in a green floral sundress and white platform sneakers.)

Though life has taken us in different directions, I still have a group chat with those same friends, called — you guessed it! — Spice Girls. That's why I was so touched and thrilled to see all five Spices reunite for Victoria Beckham's 50th birthday celebration, and though the group has deviated from their original beauty formula in the 20-plus years since their debut, each Spice's look gave me intense nostalgia.

Geri Halliwell Horner, Melanie Chisholm (a.k.a. Mel C), Emma Bunton and Melanie Brown (a.k.a. Mel B) all gathered to ring in Beckham's birthday, and not only did we get an instantly viral video of the crew performing ‘Stop!’ during the party (thank you, David Beckham), we also got a long-awaited group shot.

Though the group has reunited in the past, including on several tours, it's always exciting to see Ginger, Sporty, Posh, Baby, and Scary all in one place, and to examine every detail of their hair and makeup. So let's pull on our platforms and talk about it, shall we?

Though Halliwell Horner is forever synonymous with bright Ginger Spice red hair and chunky highlights, her current colour is more muted strawberry than cherry, worn in a simple low knot with a few pieces pulled out to frame her face; she's traded the Union Jack dress in favour of more ‘quiet luxury’ looks as of late, and the same applies to her makeup aesthetic.

Chisholm ditched her ‘90s high, Sporty Spice ponytail in favour of the shiniest soft ombré waves I’ve ever seen. Bunton has long swapped out the perky pigtails of her Baby days, but has stuck to bright blonde hair and rosy cheeks. Brown, however, looks like she walked right off the ‘Wannabe’ video in her signature curls and lip gloss.

And then there's the birthday girl, who has worn countless hair looks since her Spice days, including the iconic angled bob of the late 2000s and early 2010s. The Posh Bob and bixie cuts are gone, replaced by long brunette waves that spill down her chest, but Beckham loves to change things up, so she could revisit the shorter lengths — and accompanying Little Gucci Dress — in the future.

Beauty trends may have changed since the Spice Girls made their debut in the mid-'90s, but friendship never ends, and the 2024 iteration of the group is just as gorgeous and inspiring as they were when I was in primary school. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to take a minute to deal with these intense waves of nostalgia.

This story originally appeared on ALLURE.