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Caviar Kaspia Is Opening a Seaside Location in Bodrum

Fashion designer and interiors maven Alexis Mabille is bringing his Riviera touch to the luxury eatery at the Maxx Royal Bodrum Resort, opening mid-May.

Caviar Kaspia Is Opening a Seaside Location in Bodrum

A rendering of the new seaside Caviar Kaspia at the Maxx Royal Bodrum Resort in Turkey.

SEAFOOD BY THE SEA: Caviar Kaspia’s renowned salmon and crab will soon be served at a new seaside location in Bodrum, Turkey.

Located within the Maxx Royal Bodrum Resort and perched on a cliff with a view of the Aegean, the eatery is slated to open on May 17.

It’s the latest international expansion move for the landmark Paris restaurant on the Place de la Madeleine, which has also opened locations in London, New York, Los Angeles, Dubai, Saint-Tropez and São Paulo.

In Bodrum, the interior design agency Beau Bow, founded by Alexis Mabille, worked an elegant Riviera theme via an open-air terrace, stone facades and umbrellas in turquoise, the same shade as Kaspia’s signature tablecloths, napkins and ashtrays.

“We’ve crafted a place suspended above the water, imparting the sensation of floating on the sea, capturing the intoxicating spirit of the sumptuous coastal villas of the ’50s through the ’70s; as well as the luxurious relaxation of Careyes Island in Mexico. Our goal was to preserve the seaside fantasy,” Mabille said.

The Bar Kaspia, meanwhile, boasts walls and a ceiling in a polished wood reminiscent of Riva boats seen on the Italian Riviera.

The new seaside eatery is accessible via the hotel, or by boat. Yacht owners can make use of a dedicated dock, and gorge on caviar potatoes in their own vessels, if so preferred.

Ramon Mac Crohon, chief executive officer of Caviar Kaspia Group, said the Bodrum location “offers an ultra-exclusive experience to our traveling community, whether they are hotel residents or sailors navigating the bay.”

Founded in Paris in 1927, Caviar Kaspia has long been a magnet for fashion designers and professionals, who prize the glamorous surroundings, dynamic waiting staff and tables laden with seafood delights and carafes of icy vodka.

Caviar Kaspia Is Opening a Seaside Location in Bodrum

Caviar Kaspia’s famous caviar-topped potato.