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Could an Electric Toothbrush Head Give You Your Best Skin Ever? This Editor Says Yes

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Could an Electric Toothbrush Head Give You Your Best Skin Ever? This Editor Says Yes

It is probably no surprise, but as a beauty editor for the last 15 years, my evening skincare routine is quite extensive. Not only do I use a lot of face masks and products, I also tend to use a lot of beauty tools. From my Current Body LED Mask to my Lightinderm Handheld device my skin gets a good going over at least once a week. However, I’m yet to take any of these beauty tools on holiday with me. Which I have always perceived as a step too far.

When I’m abroad I tend to take nourishing products, like hyaluronic acid, which will soothe my skin and replace the lost moisture from the heat, sun, sea, and air conditioning especially if my journey involves a plane, instead of hardworking treatments to exfoliate or strip the skin. However, when I was sent the Celf Dermal Head (£39.99 for three months use) to try, a small microneedling device which fits on to the head of your electric toothbrush, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to pop it into my toiletry bag.

This little device promises to boost collagen levels and revive dull, tired skin using the micro vibrations of the electric toothbrush. Its textured head is said to provide medi-facial level exfoliation in a few minutes. It does need to be used with either the Celf hyaluronic acid serum, or your own moisturising serum, to prevent it from damaging the skin, but apart from that, it needs no other chargers or attachments, making it exceptionally hand luggage friendly.

Read on to find out how I got on when I took it away with me for a week —— and why it will not only be coming on every trip with me from now on, but it will now be a permanent fixture in my evening skin routine.


About the Celf Dermal Head

  • Scientifically proven to smooth lines, restore firmness, even skin tone, and increase radiance
  • Visible results in two to four weeks
  • Only needs to be used for two minutes a day
  • Boosts collagen production, cellular renewal, and cutaneous circulation
  • Each head is bioengineered for three months use
  • What Is the Celf Dermal Head?

    The Celf dermal head is an around five cm by one cm, so when I say it can fit into any hand luggage I mean it. It is so small it is easy to loose, quite a contrast to most beauty tools, which are not only bulky but tend to need chargers and adaptors. It screws on to the top of electric toothbrush, the same as any other toothbrush head and turns on with the power button. It is a needle-free microneedling device, which means it makes little marks on the skin encouraging the skin to repair itself.

    Could an Electric Toothbrush Head Give You Your Best Skin Ever? This Editor Says Yes

    How to Use the Celf Dermal Head Work

    It is recommended to use at night after brushing your teeth, for around two minutes. Before you start you need to apply a hyaluronic acid serum, as this will act like a lubricant and as you work the tool over the skin, you will absorb the serum into your epidermis.

    I apply with feather-like strokes to the skin, working in one direction away from the face. I tend to start at the jaw line and work up towards the top of the cheekbones. I avoid the very thin eye area as it is quite abrasive so find it can make this a bit too sore. I then work across my forehead, following all my fine lines and wrinkles, before finishing over my nose.

    Our skin repairs itself by encouraging cell renewal and collagen production, think of it as getting a cut and the skin fixing itself with new skin. This new skin has been exposed to less damage from environmental factors and therefore is brighter and firmer.

    Could an Electric Toothbrush Head Give You Your Best Skin Ever? This Editor Says Yes

    What to Consider About the Celf Dermal Head?

    Ok, so I would like to consider myself as having a significant pain threshold, I’m not one to easily moan or shy away from the more painful side of beauty. However, this does sting quite a bit the first few times you use it and it definitely takes a lot of getting used to. Once you’ve been using for a few weeks your skin tends to build up a tolerance and it is no more painful than eyebrow threading or plucking.

    It also currently only fits the Oral B iO Electric Toothbrush so it is by no means universal. Hopefully as the brand gets bigger it will look to create different models or adaptors to ensure more people can buy it.

    Each head lasts three months so you will need to buy more than one, but as it is significantly cheaper than many other beauty tools I have tried I don’t think it is very expensive on a cost per use basis.

    Could an Electric Toothbrush Head Give You Your Best Skin Ever? This Editor Says Yes

    My Results After Using the Celf Dermal Head

    As you finish applying to your skin you will notice quite a lot of redness, don’t be alarmed it means it is working! This is also why I would recommend only using at night, as it gives your skin time to recover. This is even more important if you’re taking it on holiday as you don’t want to expose it directly to the sun.

    Once the redness subsides you will see how plumped and bright your skin looks and I definitely noticed my skin appeared far less puffy in the morning if I had used it the night before. It also had a naturally healthy-looking flush. After a week of use I noticed my cheekbones seemed more prominent and my forehead appeared smoother.

    I was really impressed that this relatively simple beauty tool could have such an impact on my skin and it was one of the first things I unpacked as I got home.

    Where Can You Buy the Celf Dermal Head?

    The Celf Dermal Head is available from Celf.Beauty, and if you need to purchase the Oral B iO Electric Toothbrush it is available from Oral B, and Boots, and Amazon.

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    Could an Electric Toothbrush Head Give You Your Best Skin Ever? This Editor Says Yes

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