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8 hen party ideas that promise every bride a fun-filled day

8 hen party ideas that promise every bride a fun-filled day

Are you looking to plan the perfect bridal shower but lost for ideas? We've got you covered.

Bridal showers and hen parties are an experience that a bride – and her guests – will remember forever, so it’s understandable for you to want to make this night special and unforgettable. 

But it's not always as easy as that. Co-ordinating different friendship groups, making spreadsheets to cover costs and picking the PERFECT activity, location and venue are just some of the tasks that lie before you.

Luckily, we’ve rounded up some of the best bridal shower and hen party ideas to make the night memorable. From a vivacious pool party to a relaxing spa day, there’s something to accommodate every bride to be. Here are a few ideas.

A pool party

With summer approaching, a pool party inspired hen party could offer endless delights. Why not lounge by the pool with your favourite flamingo floaty, or splash in the deep end? Hosting a pool party-themed event has its many benefits, and add a few cocktails here and there to keep the bride and guests entertained. 

A brunch party

Would the bride prefer a more relaxed day surrounded by her closest pals and a good cake? Then a relaxing brunch served with an afternoon slice would prove effective. Plan the perfect brunch menu with the bride’s favourite assortments, and perhaps drinks served by a private caterer, to create an easy running day.

A spa day 

Naturally, we all love to be pampered – so why not use the bridal shower as an opportunity to lay and relax whilst you get a massage, or sit back and lavish in the sauna? The treatment will leave everyone content and in bliss, with personalised robes making a nice addition to the pampering day. The bride, of course, should get the first pick on the design!

A cocktail-themed party 

The perfect cocktail can bring much happiness, so you could try giving the bride a cocktail-themed day. Taste an array of the their favourite cocktails and more with a personalised bartender catering to your every need and whim. Top it off with their favourite chef to supply the guests with some much-needed finger foods and course meals. 

Art-themed party 

We all love to stand and admire art, but only a few of us are blessed with the knack for creating artwork. If the world of art fascinates the bride, or even better yet she considers herself an artist, then why not experiment with an artsy-themed bridal shower? Get some canvases and paintable vases, sit down and relax with your friends whilst you create innovative works of art. 

Urban axe throwing party 

This one is definitely a bit left of field – but we're strong advocates of going off the beaten path and giving the bride the hen party she dreams of, even if it doesn't fit the stereotype.

Imagine this: competing in a hen party tournament of slinging axes to an empowering soundtrack, channelling all that energy into a very satisfying activity. Sounds like an absolute laugh riot, we think.

Perfume making party

Is your bride in two minds about what her signature scent will be on the big day? Why not club together during her bridal shower and make your own for her? And if you want to make a competition – or drinking game – out of it, the person who makes the most beautiful scent gets free drinks!

Hot tub boat party

This one is a wild one. In London and Essex, it's possible to take a boat ride for a hen do – but it's not your average boat ride. You'll be watching the sights go by riverside from a hot tub. Some of these parties are BYOB, some are catered, so make sure you don't get caught out.

Whatever you choose, above all, it’s very important when coming up with hen party ideas to make sure that the night is orientated around the pleasures of the bride and that combined with a few drinks surrounded by her best friends is sure to make the night unforgettable.