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Are Jack and Tori from Married At First Sight Australia still together?

Are Jack and Tori from Married At First Sight Australia still together?

Jack just gave an update about his relationship status.

Jack and Tori have to be one of the most controversial couples in the latest season of Married At First Sight Australia. Although they began strong, their relationship was filled with constant up and downs. From rumours about Jack's fidelity to his infamous “muzzle your woman” comment, they have been smack dab in the centre of a whole lot of drama.

Nevertheless, the couple have continued going pretty strong throughout the season. Although MAFs is still airing here in the UK, the season has officially wrapped up in Australia — and, if you're up for a few spoilers, we can now tell you exactly what happened with this divisive couple during and after the reunion.

Are Jack and Tori from Married At First Sight Australia still together?

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So, without further ado, let's find out — are Jack and Tori still together?

Jack and Tori's journey so far

Jack, 34, a personal trainer from Queensland and Tori, 27, a business development manager from Victoria began their Married At First Sight journey with a pretty positive wedding. However, things quickly took a turn as Tori had to contend with Jack's questionable and (arguably) toxic behaviour.

First, rumours came to light that Jack had actually recently been with an ex-girlfriend — some articles even suggested that he and his ex were still secretly together. However, when the experts asked Tori if she was upset by the rumours, she stood by her husband without question.

Are Jack and Tori from Married At First Sight Australia still together?

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Things got dramatic again when Jack began speaking to fellow cast members about his lack of attraction to Tori — however, when this all became public, Tori once again refused to blame Jack and stood by his side.

Things got even worse when Jack was seen kissing Sara on the neck — once again, Tori didn't let it bother her. After all of the drama, the pair even got matching tattoos.

The other couples continued to question their relationship, however, and the pair received an anonymous letter in which their fellow cast mates called out Jack's behaviour.

Tori later explained why she was so steadfast in her relationship, telling Jayden that she made vows to Jack and she intended to keep them.

Did Tori and Jack say “I do” the second time around?

After all the drama between Jack and Tori, many fans wondered if Jack and Tori would actually make it down the aisle a second time.

Are Jack and Tori from Married At First Sight Australia still together?

Red Arrow/Nine

However, much to everyone's surprise, the pair did renew their vows — albeit in a very strange way.

During the ceremony, Jack stated that although he was not “in love” with Tori, he wanted to continue their journey.

After the episode aired, Jack took to Instagram, writing, “Dear wife, you are the most incredible partner I could ever ask for. Your intelligence, your courage, your unconditional loyalty. You have supported me in ways that a man could never explain. For this I thank you, my journey on #MAFS was unforgettable however its only a chapter out of our ‘story of life’. You complete me & I vowel to always protect, respect & take care of you ♥️♥️♥️ #mybaby”

Are Jack and Tori still together after the MAFs Australia reunion?

Jack and Tori appeared to be going into the reunion (surprisingly) strong. Just a few days before the episode aired, Tori took to Instagram to share a video showcasing her life with Jack post-MAFs, writing, “Life lately. Beyond excited to have you by my side for every step of the way, let the fun begin!!”

During the reunion, however, things got a little heated when Tori was confronted with clips of Jack flirting with other women behind her back. It was, as Jack later told the Daily Mail, “brutal”.

“I feel like when we sat down, we had a 20 minute video of absolute brutality… But we had no chance of that with our cap session,” he said. “It was just foot to the floor and 20 minutes of brutality and obviously that's going to p**s anyone off.”

Nevertheless, it seems the pair have stuck it out. This week, Jack took to Instagram to share a photo of him and Tori referring to her as his “queen”. He also shared a photo of the pair on a road trip together.

Jack then sat down with Daily Mail Australia to give an update on how things were going — and apparently, they could not be going better.

“We're really good, going from strength to strength,” he said, adding that they were now living together on the Gold Coast.

“Tori's back at work now… we've been living together for three, four weeks now, we're buying little bits and pieces for the apartment,” he said.

He went on to explain that he and Tori had actually had a pact that they would leave the show together, no matter how dramatic things might get. “I'd had a pact with Tori going into that couch session that if she'd had enough and she wanted to get up and walk out, I'll take her home. And that's what happened,” he said of the reunion.

His final words to his fellow cast members? “Good riddance.”