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EXCLUSIVE: The Brooklyn Nets’ Fashion Brand Berō Opens Storefront

The NBA team is leaning into its Brooklyn roots with a store at the Barclays Center.

EXCLUSIVE: The Brooklyn Nets’ Fashion Brand Berō Opens Storefront

Inside Berō’s Barclays Center store.

The Brooklyn Nets are embarking on the next phase of their private label fashion brand.

The NBA team is opening the first storefront for its fashion label, Berō, which it debuted in December. Designed by the Brooklyn Home Company, the storefront is a converted 200-square-foot concession stand in Barclays Center and is meant to reflect the brand’s, and the basketball team’s, Brooklyn roots. 

“The idea behind the store is for it to feel like a heritage clothing brand store — one that is consistent with that kind of quality,” said Stacey Walters, the director of architecture at the Brooklyn Home Company. “There’s an idea of timeless elegance that was very important. The first thing is that the line of clothing is inspired by the borough of Brooklyn and our firm’s design ethos is creating spaces that reflect Brooklyn’s dynamic spirit, whether it’s a townhouse or in retail. We had to look at the store in the context of its location to create a space that’s consistent with the neighborhood.” 

Pronounced “borough,” the Berō storefront took inspiration from Brooklyn townhouses with its wood paneling, marble counters, black limestone floors and brass finishes. The store also uses ambient lighting to give the space a warm and inviting vibe. 

The storefront will offer Berō’s current apparel and accessories styles, including a pullover hoodie, quarter zip, cardigan, coats, soccer jerseys and other pieces, as well as the brand’s latest apparel collection designed by Brooklyn Nets player Nic Claxton.

EXCLUSIVE: The Brooklyn Nets’ Fashion Brand Berō Opens Storefront

Inside Berō’s store in Barclays Center.

This fall, the store will debut Berō’s collaboration between the Nets and KidSuper and will introduce a new apparel collection during the WNBA New York Liberty’s season this summer.

Berō made its debut in December as a private label fashion brand. Unlike other sports brands and merchandise, Berō does not utilize the Brooklyn Nets IP in any way, as its aim is to target a larger customer base outside of Nets fans. The apparel instead takes inspiration from the brand’s Brooklyn roots and the culture around basketball. It is available online.

“Brooklyn represents the height of style, creativity and culture and expanding our merchandise through a private label gives us the opportunity to tell our own story through fashion,” said Amanda Pong, the senior director of merchandising at the Brooklyn Nets parent company, BSE Global. “Our Berō line is unique in the market. While several teams have private label lines, none have created a premium luxury brand that combines sportswear with high fashion. We believe this line speaks to our fans and the broader consumer who appreciate the basketball culture and its crossover appeal to everyday lifestyle.”