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Audio porn is more popular than ever, so here’s 16 places to tune in

Audio porn is more popular than ever, so here's 16 places to tune in

From narrated erotica to guided masturbation.

In my humble and horny opinion, audio porn is a deeply underrated way of consuming your smut. Don’t get me wrong, I’m also a fan of watching my porn, but there’s something uniquely satisfying about listening and tapping into your own imagination with the help of anything from narrated erotica to standalone porn sounds.

Luckily for me, audible porn (and similar sexy audio-based sex and wellness content) is on the rise – propelled, in part, by the boom in focus on sexual wellness and our greater understanding of its importance.

For many women, audio porn feels a lot more accessible (and satisfying) than visual porn – it's exciting because it allows us to use our imaginations alongside the narrative we hear, rather than being presented with an exact image. It can kind of be anything we want it to be.

Audio porn is more popular than ever, so here's 16 places to tune in

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Caroline Spiegel, the founder of sexy audio app Quinn, puts it pretty eloquently. She previously told The Telegraph: "[It's] like when you read Harry Potter or you listen to the audiobook and the full world exists in your mind’s eye… and then you watch the movie and you’re like, ‘Oh, that’s how it’s supposed to look. That’s how this was supposed to happen.’” She adds: “Our imaginations and our minds are so powerful and the most visual experience you can have is the one you create yourself.”

Where I used to have to dig up porny audio clips on Tumblr, I now have my pick of a wide variety of new apps and sites for anyone who wants to get in touch with their sexuality and get off using their ears. Sex tool brand, SmileMakers, for instance, introduced its new Bedtime Stories audio series earlier during summer 2022, based off of sexual fantasies sent in by female writers around the world. In the first month alone, it received over 4.5k streams.

And, there's plenty more options elsewhere. From guided masturbation tutorials to hot original stories, there’s bound to be something out there that will turn you on. Check out these apps and sites to get started:

1. Dipsea

Often called the Headspace of Erotica, Dipsea has a mix of original audio stories and wellness content meant to connect you to your sexuality and desires. Its short audio stories are often character and emotion-driven on top of being hot, so if you’re someone who likes a little plot with your porn, Dipsea has a huge library for you. The wellness section of the app is also a treasure trove of discovery, featuring guided erotic exercises and how-tos. They cover anything from how to sext to edging during masturbation.

Try it: dipseastories.com

Audio porn is more popular than ever, so here's 16 places to tune in

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2. SmileMakers

SmileMakers has been publishing sexual fantasies sent in by female writers for the past three years, but, thanks to some pretty insistent customer feedback, they've turned some of them into audio clips that you can listen to for free. The 10 minute or less narrated clips explore a late night at the office that gets a lot more exciting, a surfing trip where the board's not the only thing to get wet, and a different kind of French kiss when, after an exhibition in Paris, Genevieve's encounter with a hot photographer gets all kinds of heated.

Try it: Free, smilemakerscollection.com/

3. Quinn

Quinn is a pretty no-frills audio porn site. Users can upload their own clips, including narrated scenes and stories, guided masturbation sessions, and erotic sounds of themselves masturbating or having sex with consenting partners. You can search by category, whether to narrow down by gender and sexuality, or to find specific kinks (think tags like accents, BDSM, teacher/student, and public sex).

Try it: Free, tryquinn.com

4. Tumblr

Tumblr may have cracked down on visual porn and explicit images in recent years, but it’s still home to a ton of audio porn—particularly user-submitted clips, which are great for anyone who likes their porn to have an amateur, real vibe to it. Direct-to-listener porn is popular on Tumblr, meaning audio that speaks to you, whether dirty talk, instructional, or narrative. You have to search around a bit to find blogs to follow, but get started with blogs like Let Me Hear It, Sounds of Pleasure, and Audio Orgasm.

5. Audible and Scribd

Okay, so Audible and Scribd are actually two popular places to buy audiobooks in general, but still definitely helpful for our purposes. One of the best things about audiobooks is how immersive they can feel, and this is doubly so for steamy erotica. It might not be as X-rated as some of the options on this list, but well-written and well-narrated erotica can be as hot as any porn. Try searching “erotica” on either Audible or Scribd and sort by highly rated to see what other listeners are loving. For more information, check out SELF’s guide to finding truly sexy erotica.

Audio porn is more popular than ever, so here's 16 places to tune in

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6. Audiodesires

Audiodesires is relatively new, so they don’t have a robust library yet and are still growing with weekly releases. So far, they have stories designed for women and couples, with the couple stories leaving intermissions for you and your partner to get in on the action together. They also have a whole section dedicated to erotic ASMR—so if you want to get those sweet, sweet brain tingles as you listen to your porn, this is the app for you.

Try it: audiodesires.com

7. Girl on the Net

Girl on the Net is a U.K.-based sex blogger who does a lot more than just produce audible porn, but it’s certainly one of the things she’s known for. On her site, you can enjoy a mix of erotic fiction and real-life sex stories, and BDSM lovers in particular will have a lot to choose from. As a bonus, she also links out to other sex bloggers, some who do audio erotica too (such as On Queer Street).

Try it: Free, girlonthenet.com (but you can support her on Patreon!)

8. Literotica

This free erotic fiction site may be best known for its user-written stories, but it has a pretty solid collection of adult audio too. Depending on what you’re into, there’s a mix of narrative-driven smut (such as an erotic murder mystery series, seriously) and pretty straightforward stories that lean hard on common fantasies (like boss/employee, BDSM, and infidelity).

Try it: Free, literotica.com

9. Vibease Chat

So technically, Vibease Chat is an app companion to the Vibease vibrator. On top of being a remote control vibrator good for long-distance play with a partner, the Vibease vibrator can also sync with erotica from its app. Meaning, yep, it vibrates in time with the narration. That said, you don’t actually need to use the vibrator to enjoy the app. The library has a mix of free and for-purchase stories that you can listen to without the vibe.

Audio porn is more popular than ever, so here's 16 places to tune in

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Try it: Free with per-story pricing, vibease.com

10. Reddit

Much like Tumblr, Reddit has some steamy audible porn if you know where to look, such as r/gonewildaudio. You might have to wade through the many posts to find stuff that you like, but some subreddits have filters to help you avoid content and kinks you really don’t want to see. If you’re looking for something more vanilla but still potentially erotic, check out r/pillowtalkaudio. Bonus: Both subreddits allow you to post requests that other users can fill.

11. Emjoy

This intimate self-care app leans a bit more toward wellness than porn, with guided audio practices and pleasurable meditations, but it has erotic stories as well. If you’re looking for a more holistic app that will help you get in touch with your desires and sexual well-being, Emjoy is an excellent place to start. It’s kind of like taking a class about your own body and sexuality—and the homework includes listening to erotica.

Try it: Free for limited access, letsemjoy.com

12. Bawdy Storytelling

The Bawdy Storytelling website champions itself on featuring “true stories of sex, kink, body image, gender and more.” As well as hosting live storytelling events where authors, poets, comedians, actors and regular people share their true sex adventures, the podcast makes the narratives widely available on the go.

Try it: Listen free of charge, bawdystorytelling.com

13. Femtasy

Founded by actual couple Nina Julie and Michael, Femtasy says, "We know exactly what you want: We spoke with 1500 women about female sexuality to be able to focus on your most intimate fantasies and bring your erotic fantasies to life. We are neither a typical erotic portal nor a platform for audio books. We combine the best of both worlds in short, explicit audio stories. Diversity is our motto."

Try it: From around £7 a month depending on your subscription option, femtasy.com

14. Lush Stories

Lush Stories is a free audio porn site, though you are required to sign-up as a member in order to access the library of erotica. Once you're in though, the recordings are all high-quality, recorded versions of the site's best loved erotic stories so you're guaranteed a wide-ranging choice.

Try it: Free of charge, lushstories.com

15. Kiss The Rose

Kiss The Rose is a podcast series of erotic stories. The site says, "Sexy Stories with Rose Caraway and her friends will arouse your senses and inflame your imagination with delicious tales of love, lust, loss, romance, suspense, erotic horror, and adventure! Come, experience intense fantasies that are sure to seduce your thoughts and leave you and your partner(s) wanting more! Enjoy the best erotica authors today as they show off their limitless imaginations with smart, provocative stories, with just the right amount of moxie and sensuality! This show is for adults only."

Try it: Free of charge, kisstherose.com

16. Ferly

Grounded in helping users achieve a mindful sex life, Ferly prioritises women's pleasure through empowering content such as masturbation guides and sensual stories, as well as sexual wellbeing and confidence-building sessions with sex educators and psychologists.

Try it: https://weareferly.com/

17. Spotify

You might only think of Spotify as the source for all your favourite playlists and albums (hello, Cowboy Carter), but there's also some erotica options on our favourite music app. There are a number of sexy stories on offer, from audiobooks to podcasts – Dipsea even have some content there.

Try it: open.spotify.com

A version of this article originally appeared in SELF.