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PZ Opassuksatit Goes Into Real Estate for New Book – Now With Buyable Merch

Filled with advice and ideas from Doublet, Vaquera or Sarah Andelman, the “PZWorld Properties” volume is one of the items for grab at the designer’s two-day Paris event.

PZ Opassuksatit Goes Into Real Estate for New Book – Now With Buyable Merch

The designer’s two-day Paris pop-up poses as a real estate agency at 27 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth.

MOVING DAY: Want to “buy, sell, dream and scheme” your way up the property ladder?

Head to the Marais, where Thai artist PZ Opassuksatit has set up shop as a faux-real estate agent to celebrate the release of her third book, “PZWorld Properties,” which contains tongue-in-cheek advice for anyone from worms looking for new digs to those looking to remodel — with a sledgehammer.

“You can throw away Architectural Digest and Elle Decoration,” joked the designer, who has collaborated with a range of projects including Doublet’s fall 2024 collection and Virgil Abloh’s 2020 exhibition in Chicago. “This is the end-game for housing.”

The Paris-based designer said this latest volume was inspired by her desire to move apartments and the experience of arriving in the city as a student a decade ago: It’s the finale to a trilogy initiated in 2018 with “PZ World Amazon,” on the oddities available for purchase online, and “PZWorld Weddings,” triggered by her sister’s nuptials.

While finding a flat at the two-day pop-up opening April 12 is a long shot — unless you want a “pizza condo” stack of trays or the worst apartments in Tokyo — there will be plenty of gag items created by the wacky designer.

PZ Opassuksatit Goes Into Real Estate for New Book – Now With Buyable Merch

Opassukasatit wearing a key tag earring from her PZWorld Properties lineup.

Prices will range from 75 euros for an XXL “door tag” tote and 85 euros for a gaffer tape knit scarf up to 300 euros for a T-shirt with room to fit a moving box underneath.

The slimline book, in a limited run of 500, is priced at 40 euros and is also available from a range of bookstores around the world, including Twelvebooks in Japan and Idea in London. Inside, she invited some 30 contributors from the fashion and art world.

These include Doublet designer Masayuki Ino highlighting the weirdest houses in Japan such a “Rectangle of Sadness” flat and one shaped like a cat; Vaquera’s Bryn Taubensee and Patric DiCaprio giving tips on how to dress for successful apartment hunting; and Kiko Kostadinov’s womenswear designers Laura and Deanna Fanning, who dressed up architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater house in a zesty print from the fall 2021 collection.

PZ Opassuksatit Goes Into Real Estate for New Book – Now With Buyable Merch

A faux real estate listing in the window of the Paris pop-up.

Meanwhile, home trends forecasting comes courtesy Sarah Andelman, for whom the perfect home has a water feature, plenty of photos and books — of course — and a Harry Nuriev tapestry sofa.

For the fire-sale launch event on Friday at 27 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, the designer is expected to dress as a chair. The pop-up will conclude on Saturday.