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This LED face mask is considerably cheaper than others on the market – here’s my totally honest opinion

This LED face mask is considerably cheaper than others on the market – here's my totally honest opinion

The skincare gadget that doesn't break the bank.

An LED face mask has always seemed like the ultimate beauty buy. When it comes to skincare, LED masks are usually the biggest splurge on a beauty shelf and, to be honest, they always felt a bit out of my budget. Okay, a lot out of my budget. Designed to target fine lines and blemishes and get your skin glowing, of course I wanted one on my roster of gadgets (if my face steamer and Gua Sha count as a roster?). We’ve all heard of the cult favourites from Dr. Dennis Gross to Currentbody, but there is a more affordable alternative worth knowing about. Enter, Magnitone's GetLit Tri Colour LED Face Mask.

I’d never tried Magnitone before our Senior Commerce Editor planted the LED face mask on my desk. In fact, I didn’t know much about the brand at all. A quick scan of their site and I saw that their speciality is electrical beauty – and not just face masks. They offer pore extractors, facial toning devices (I’m not sure what that is, but I think I want one) and more, along with all the accessories you could need; think gels, cloths and chargers. Consider my interest piqued. You can shop their products based on your personal concern, be that a blemish-prone complexion, or something for mature skin. You can even take their skincare quiz for a recommendation on what to try.

According to the brand's LED 101 page, light therapy has actually been going since the sixties, and not just in skincare but for many reasons – from growing plants to healing wounds. But what I really wanted to know was how using this device on my face for fifteen minutes whilst I was sat in front of the telly was going to help me get that glow. Essentially, LED light therapy uses concentrated light to penetrate below the skin’s surface. This targeted light treats a variety of skincare needs including fine lines, hyperpigmentation, blemishes and acne. Different types of light penetrate the skin at different levels and each is best placed for a different concern. The GetLit mask has three different types of light, so off I went to find out which would get me glowing.

Magnitone mask specifications, at a glance:

  • GLAMOUR star rating: ⭐⭐⭐
  • Tested by: Hattie Cotmore, Associate Visuals Editor at GLAMOUR UK.
  • Tested for: One month. You can find out more about how we test products here.
  • Light types: Blue, red and yellow.
  • Skin concerns: Dullness.
  • Duration: Fifteen minutes per mode.
  • Recommended usage: Four times per week for the first month, then once or twice a week.
  • Reasons to buy: Affordable option at under £100, easy to wear and use, lightweight and comfortable.
  • Reasons to avoid: Needs regular, ongoing use to see results. Results are not immediately apparent.
  • Price: £75, packages with other products also available.
  • Our verdict: My skin feels somewhat tighter and smoother. Guidelines have to be followed closely, and red light use saw more change than other lights. Overall, whilst I wasn’t blown away, I enjoyed using this as part of my skincare routine and have seen some difference. Definitely worth considering if you’re looking for an affordable option.

This LED face mask is considerably cheaper than others on the market – here's my totally honest opinion


This LED face mask is considerably cheaper than others on the market – here's my totally honest opinion

MAGNITONE London Get Lit Tri Colour LED Face Mask£75 £74.99 at Magnitone£75 at LookFantastic£75 at Boots

Product deep dive:

The GetLit mask comes in a sturdy box – I'd recommend holding onto it. Personally, I keep everything ‘just in case’, only for them to sit in drawers or cupboards never to be thought of again, but in this case it really is useful. The mask itself is super lightweight (mostly great) but this meant I didn't want to throw it into beauty storage without protection. Me? Looking after my things? Truly, I am shocked. Whilst on the affordable end of LED options it's still an expensive product – and I wasn't willing to risk accidentally sitting on it or spilling a cup of tea on it, because honestly, that wouldn't be off-brand for me. So every time it's been used, it goes straight back in the box. Okay, okay… almost every time.

It doesn't fold flat like other LED masks on the market which does mean it's probably not the one for you if you're looking to pack it in a suitcase. In the box, you'll find, alongside the mask, a charging cable and instruction manual. I love that it's rechargeable. No need to scramble through the kitchen drawers for more batteries, simply plug it in for a couple of hours. Easy.

Onto the fun stuff. The GetLit mask enlists three types of light: red, yellow and blue. Red is the furthest penetrating light to reach deep tissue under the skin. This is suggested to encourage cell renewal and boost collagen production resulting in firmer skin, and fewer fine lines and wrinkles – that’s the hope at least! Whilst it doesn’t go as deep as red, yellow light also reaches beyond the skin’s surface. It stimulates blood flow, bringing more oxygen to the area and helps to remove toxins. Blue is the light that works the surface of the skin to target oil-producing follicles and has been shown to reduce bacteria on the skin so is the light for you if you want to combat blemishes. The brand's shortcut to remembering which light does what is listed as ‘red for wrinkles’, ‘yellow for glow’ and ‘blue for blemishes’. Well then, ‘Bathe me in that yellow light!’, I thought.

This LED face mask is considerably cheaper than others on the market – here's my totally honest opinion



This LED face mask is considerably cheaper than others on the market – here's my totally honest opinion


GLAMOUR Road Test: The Routine

The instructions say that using the mask at least four times a week for a month is the way to get results. Using the mask is straightforward. Your skin needs to be makeup-free first, then slot the mask on over your ears – as if you're putting on a pair of glasses – and press the button until your desired light colour comes on. It's easy to wear and stays on whilst you're moving around so you can carry on with your chores or make a cuppa. I found I did get marks on the side of my nose after use, like you might with glasses, but they faded after a few minutes. There's no need to set a timer as the device switches off automatically. Any serums or moisturisers go on afterwards as normal.

I was like a kid with a new toy the first few times I used it, desperate to get home, double cleanse my face and sit in my new gadget. I also found I was so much more aware of my skincare routine, and sticking to it more stringently than ever because I had an exciting new step to fit in. I worried I'd find it a chore having to squeeze in a skincare addition but if anything I was more willing to make time to do it, and I guess to make time to enjoy some self-care.

So that’s what I did. Initially, I focused on the yellow light, since it was recommended for glow, using it for fifteen minutes a day. The key is patience. There's no point pushing your face up to the mirror after your first use. I did find after the first week, however, my patience was already wearing thin when I really didn't see any kind of change at all. I decided to change tact and switch to using the red light, which is when I started to see some change.

This LED face mask is considerably cheaper than others on the market – here's my totally honest opinion


I started using the red light in my routine at least four times a week. Magnitone recommend taking photographs throughout use as the easiest way to track your skin's changes. For me it was when I was applying my make-up that I felt the changes the most. My foundation seemed to be gliding over my face more easily than usual. The texture of my skin was more even. I didn't feel particularly ‘glowy’ as I had hoped, although I did get some compliments on how my skin was looking – so I persisted.

GLAMOUR Road Test: The Verdict

If I'm being honest, I wasn't blown away from my first month of use. Maybe because there is so much hype around LED light therapy and how it will drastically change your complexion. So the bar, I'll admit, was pretty high. Overall, I do feel like my skin is looking a little brighter, but I think this LED mask needs prolonged use to really reap the benefits. I'm going to keep on using it regularly and monitor my skin over a longer period of time.


Let's recap…

What do you get? Magnitone GetLit Tri Colour LED Face Mask, USB charging cable and an instruction manual.

What does it do? Targets wrinkles, blemishes and dull skin with three different types of light (red, yellow, blue) in fifteen minutes.

How do you use it? Wear over clean, make-up free skin. Press the button until you find your desired light and wait for the mask to turn off automatically after fifteen minutes.

How often should you use? 4 times a week for the first 4 weeks, then drop to once or twice a week to maintain the results.

Is it worth it? It's easy to use and incorporate into a skincare routine and shows steady results. A good alternative to the other expensive options in our best LED face masks edit.

For more from GLAMOUR UK's Associate Visuals Editor Hattie Cotmore, follow her on Instagram @hattiecotmore.