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Lookalike of Iconic Kate Moss Sheer Dress Goes on Sale

Part of a vintage sale organized by Kerry Taylor Auctions, the dress is valued between 200 and 300 pounds.

Lookalike of Iconic Kate Moss Sheer Dress Goes on Sale

Kate Moss wearing a Liza Bruce lamé slip dress at the Elite Model Agency party for the Look of the Year Contest at the Hilton Hotel, London in September 1993.

SHEER BEAUTY: A lookalike of the iconic sheer dress Kate Moss wore to the Look of The Year party hosted by Elite Model Agency in 1993 is up for sale Thursday at an auction organized by Kerry Taylor Auctions in London.

Designed by Liza Bruce, it’s believed that only three of the same lamé slipdresses were ever made, with one of them in the V&A collection. The lot on sale was recently discovered in the loft of a former Liza Bruce employee.

It’s estimated that the dress will fetch between 200 and 300 pounds.

It’s understood that the style Moss wore, which eventually became an iconic fashion moment of the early ’90s, was a sample picked out by photographer Corinne Day and stylist Melanie Ward for one of Moss’ first Vogue shoots for the June 1993 issue but they didn’t end up using it.

Moss later picked the dress to attend the party without realizing how sheer the fabric was.

In a later interview with Elle, she recalled: “I did not know that this dress was see-through until the pictures came out the next day in the newspaper. It was the flash that made it look naked because actually the fabric, when I was wearing it, I didn’t think it looked this see-through but obviously it was. Had I known we would be talking about it 30 years later. Good dress, good night.”

Lookalike of Iconic Kate Moss Sheer Dress Goes on Sale

Lila Moss attends The Fashion Awards 2023 in a dress by Nensi Dojaka inspired by her mother Kate Moss’s iconic sheer dress moment in 1993.

Last year, the supermodel’s daughter Lila Moss recreated that iconic moment at the Fashion Awards wearing a reimagined sheer dress designed by Nensi Dojaka.

Also on sale at the upcoming Kerry Taylor auction is the actual T-shirt Moss wore on the cover of the June Issue of i-D Magazine in 2004.

With an estimated price between 400 and 600 pounds, the T-shirt is believed to have been made in 1991 as a collaboration with Judy Blame and the counterculture brand Old Ghosts. The lot is sourced from a former assistant to Blame and is being sold with the owner’s original copy of the magazine.

Lookalike of Iconic Kate Moss Sheer Dress Goes on Sale

Kate Moss on the cover of the June issue of i-D magazine in 2004.

The sale also offers a mix of vintage pieces from Chanel, Christian Dior, Pierre Cardin, Yves Saint Laurent, Vivienne Westwood and Ossie Clarke.