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The ‘dad bob’ is your ideal cut if you’re considering the chop (but scared to go too short)

The ‘dad bob’ is your ideal cut if you're considering the chop (but scared to go too short)

To go with your dad trainers.

The ‘dad bob’ is the latest chop all the cool-girls are gravitating toward (yep, you heard that correctly). We've started noticing the chop everywhere we look, and honestly we can't say we're too surprised.

In general, we've seen the rise of ‘dad style’ building a fan base for a few seasons now. Chunky dad trainers from Asics, New Balance and Puma have given outfits a retro edge (and a whole new level of comfort), while dad jeans have emerged as the boxier, boyish counterpart to mom jeans. So, it was only a matter of time before the trend stretched to our hair.

What is a ‘dad bob’?

Essentially a ‘dad bob’ is a slightly longer, blockier bob that feels a little more grown-up (and grown-out) than short French bobs and jawbone bobs. They have a '90s weight and swoosh that feels retro, relaxed, cool and easygoing. Length-wise, they should fall somewhere between your chin and collarbone.

For those toying with the idea of the chop, the dad bob could be the ideal cut – since it gives bob energy without feeling too short.

Why get a ‘dad bob’?

The dad bob comes with a few benefits. For one thing, it offers extra length, which in turn means more versatility. “Petite bobs were set to take the world by storm but that’s quite a commitment and a big change for most,” says top London hair stylist, Hollie Rose Clarke. “Clients are opting for a more laidback and lived-in style, with the outgrown '90s take on the classic bob trend becoming one of the most requested styles for spring,” she reveals. “The dad bob requires less effort and the super chic length allows you the freedom to grab a claw clip for the lazy day hair,” she continues. “It’s the non-commitment bob that allows for a hair change but doesn’t totally change your hair routine,” says Hollie.

It's also a total crowd-pleaser, can work across a whole range of occasions and is pretty breezy to style. “This is the one-size-fits-all of bobs. It’s the beauty equivalent of your favourite go-to pair of jeans,” Hollie says. “You know that whatever you pair with it, you’ve already made the outfit a success. This effortless midi bob will allow you to wake up with ready-to-wear hair,” she adds.

How to get the ‘dad bob’?

You can really work with your stylist to make the trend work for you. “This style can be tailored to suit your individual texture, to allow for minimal styling or air drying in the warmer months to come,” says Hollie, who recommends Living Proof's In-Shower Styler for this.

In terms of what to ask your stylist, “a blunt base will give it that classic grown-out bob look, which is great for those of us with fine hair who want to make it look thicker,” says Hollie. If that's you, it's best to opt for no layers. “If you have naturally thick or curly hair, weight removal will be the key to avoid a bell shape,” says Hollie, and some super subtle, graduated layers will give an incredible swishy silhouette.

The ‘dad bob’ is your ideal cut if you're considering the chop (but scared to go too short)

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How to wear the ‘dad bob’?

We've rounded up some of our favourite ways to wear the dad bob below…

The collarbone-length dad bob

The curly dad bob

The curved dad bob

The side-flipped dad bob

The blow-dried dad bob

The dad bob with a fringe

The mussy dad bob

The shoulder-length dad bob

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