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Engagement nail ideas we’d marry if bae didn’t get there first

Engagement nail ideas we'd marry if bae didn't get there first

Perfect match.

Wedding nails have hogged all the attention, but we're getting wise to the multiple manicure opportunities getting married offers up. Searches for 'engagement nail ideas' have increased by 42% over the past year alone and #engagementnails has picked up more than 94 millions views on TikTok.

Yes, wedding day nails are important, but they also have to share the spotlight with the dress, the veil and with hubs, whereas an engagement nails? Along with your shiny new ring, that manicure is the headliner.

Of course, engagement nails can be trickier to predict, unless you have a good inkling when bae is going to get down on one knee, or can sniff out a proposal like a basset hound. It's always nice to be prepared (the worst that can happen is you're left with a dreamy manicure), but if not, you can always book in for engagement nails once that ring is firmly on your finger – before introducing her to all your friends.

As for where to start, there's a few things to consider when choosing your perfect engagement mani match. To help get the inspo flowing, Pandora UK tapped up A-list manicurist and senior Mylee ambassador, Tinu Bello, to share some advice.

Consider your personal style

If you love colour, maximalism and fun, this should be reflected not only in your ring, but in your manicure, too. While Frenchies and milky pinks will always be classics, if you're more alternative, follow your own mood and aesthetic, which could mean bold colour, rhinestones and nail art. Or if you like the classics but with a modern twist, a chrome finish or an almond Frenchie will help things feel on trend. “By coordinating your nail style with your ring selection process, you can achieve a harmonious aesthetic that accentuates the beauty of both elements," says Tinu. "This thoughtful consideration enhances your overall experience and ensures that every detail, from your ring to your nails, reflects your personal style and preferences impeccably.”

Engagement nail ideas we'd marry if bae didn't get there first

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Co-ordinate your nail shape to your engagement ring

It seems lots of us are detail driven, Pandora found that one in four surveyed jewellery enthusiasts prefer to match their nail shape to their ring shape. “Embracing the rule of symmetry is paramount; it ensures that the curves, lines and points of your diamond or stone harmonise flawlessly with your nail shape," says Tinu.

Round nails

“Stone shapes that elongate the fingers and create the illusion of length tend to be most flattering for those with round nails,” says Tinu. “Oval-shaped diamonds have a long, graceful silhouette that visually stretches the fingers, making them a great match for round nail shapes. They add elegance and charm to the hand, creating a timeless and sophisticated look,” she adds

Almond nails

“Almond nail shapes, recognised for their slender and tapered look, pair best with diamonds that enhance the elongated and graceful contours of the fingers,” says Tinu. “The elongated and pointed shape of marquise diamonds mirrors the tapered appearance of almond nail shapes, creating a cohesive and harmonious look. Marquise diamonds elongate the fingers further, enhancing the slender and graceful aesthetic.”

Square nails

“Square nails, characterised by their straight edges and flat, square tips, pair well with diamond shapes that mirror the angular lines and geometric nature of the nails,” Tinu says. “The square or rectangular shape of princess-cut diamonds aligns perfectly with the geometric lines of square nail shapes. This creates a cohesive and harmonious look that emphasises clean, angular aesthetics.”

Stiletto nails

“Stiletto nail shapes, characterised by their long and pointed design with a narrow tip, are complemented by diamonds that accentuate the sharp, dramatic lines of these nails,” says Tinu. “The tapered point of pear-shaped diamonds complements the sharp, pointed tips of stiletto nails, creating a cohesive and harmonious look. Pear-shaped diamonds add elegance and femininity to the hand, enhancing the overall allure of the nails.”

Ballerina/Coffin nails

“Ballerina nail shapes, or coffin nails, have an elongated, tapered form with squared-off tips. Diamonds that enhance the sleek and contemporary appeal of these nails are an excellent choice,” says Tinu. “Baguette-cut diamonds, with their long, rectangular shape and step-cut facets, complement the elongated silhouette of ballerina nails. The linear facets of baguette-cut diamonds add a touch of elegance and refinement to the overall look.”

Ways to wear it

Here's 26 of our favourite engagement nail ideas to have in your locker…

Short, squared-off chrome

Classic Frenchies

Long, almond vanilla chrome

Lipgloss nails

Personalised mani

Milky pink

Almond ombre chrome

Something blue

Chunky French

Sugar pink

Rhinestone pink

Silky pearl nails

Ballerina Frenchie

Glazed donut nails

Pure white

Short ombre

Short French

Soap nails

White swirl

Blue Frenchie

Sheer Frenchie

Pink sparkle

Silky pink

Chiffon nails

Glazed French tips

Square French

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