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Leni Klum’s ‘cappuccino milk nails’ are the springtime twist on a classic French

Leni Klum's ‘cappuccino milk nails’ are the springtime twist on a classic French

A manicure must-have for the new season.

There are two trends we can't avoid at the moment – and Leni Klum loves both. First, there's the 90s revival with its baggy jeans, layered haircuts and block colour. Then there's ‘quiet luxury’ with its expensive-looking fashion and beauty statements.

Leni's latest manicure, “cappuccino milk nails” blends together each of these trends. It's luxuriously understated with its subtle colour, but the nail shape also has a playful 90s influence.

This is what Leni Klum's luxurious ‘cappuccino milk nails’ look like

When it comes to extra-long nails, Leni Klum is slowly catching up with her mum Heidi Klum. She has been sporting extra-long nails for some time now usually in a stiletto shape.

Leni Klum has also been loving tapered nails since the started trending and is currently combining them with a beige French Manicure.

While a French manicure traditionally involves white on the tips of the nails and a soft rosé over the rest of the nail, Leni chose a soft beige hue for her ‘cappuccino milk nails’.

What many people don't know is that even though French nails and ‘strawberry milk nails’ in soft pink are all the rage at the moment, they go best with cooler skin tones. Nail polish hues with beige or brown tones flatter skin with warm undertones, making cappuccino milk nails the perfect alternative.

How to recreate Leni Klum's ‘cappuccino milk nails’

If you want to go for extra-long stiletto nails like Leni Klum, you can't avoid nail sculpting with acrylic or gel. For those who like their nails a little shorter, Biab or Shellac with natural nails are an option.

Just remember, to recreate Leni Klum's manicure, the entire nail is covered with the cappuccino milk shade – including the white tip, which is laid down first.

This makes the overall result look more natural and softens the transition from tip to nail bed.

A version of this article originally appeared on Glamour Germany.