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Hunter Schafer reveals she dated Rosalía after years of speculation

Hunter Schafer reveals she dated Rosalía after years of speculation

(The real ones knew.)

Hunter Schafer is opening up about her dating life and, specifically, her famous dating history.

The Euphoria actress, model, and activist is GQ's latest cover star, and during her cover interview she shared some insight into her career journey thus far, her new home in Los Angeles, her art, and her relationships, including her breakup from her costar and musician Dominic Fike. Schafer also dropped the bombshell that she previously dated Spanish superstar Rosalía for several months.

“I had dated other famous people before, but people didn’t know about it,” Schafer said while discussing the impact of her public breakup from Fike. “It was completely different.” Schafer was tight-lipped at first about her famous exes in efforts to maintain their privacy, saying, "People who care enough and have done their research probably know what’s up.”

But after some gentle nudging from journalist Emma Carmichael and a check-in with her former flame for permission to discuss their relationship publicly, Schafer confirmed that she and Rosalía were together for about five months in 2019.

Hunter Schafer reveals she dated Rosalía after years of speculation

Brent Faiyaz, Hunter Schafer, Rosalía, and Dua Lipa at the Burberry September 2019 show during London Fashion Week

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Schafer added that at first, she wasn’t entirely sure if her hangs with the singer were dates, but lo and behold, they were. Despite their eventual split, the two celebs are still good friends today; they were seen furniture shopping together in January 2024. “I have really beautiful friendships with people that I was once romantically involved with,” she explained. With Rosalía, Schafer said “she’s family no matter what.”

Rosalía and Schafer have apparently seen the longstanding conversations about their close “friendship” and decided to take this opportunity to address it. “It’s been so much speculation for so long,” Schafer shared. “Part of us just wants to get it over with, and then another part is like, ‘It’s none of anybody’s f*cking business!’ ” However, she then said, “it’s something I’m happy to share. And I think she feels that way too.”

Hunter Schafer also opened up about her former relationship with Euphoria actor Dominic Fike, which began shortly after they met while filming the HBO show in 2021. Schafer said she hadn’t dated a man prior to Fike and didn’t plan to. “I had had so many sh*tty experiences with men before — not from dating them, but just in life,” she shared. “I think I had built up a wall that was way too thick around them. And then I fell in love.”

Schafer explained that their relationship helped her “work through a lot of the feelings of disdain that [she] had towards men as a whole” and called it a “really beautiful” time in her life. The couple eventually broke up, and Schafer is currently single. “I’m still in some ways healing from the last thing,” she told GQ. “I want to make sure I’m good all the way before I jump into something else.”

This article was originally published on Teen Vogue.