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If you’re always sleepy around your partner, this is what it could mean

If you're always sleepy around your partner, this is what it could mean

And it's actually so cute.

If you regularly find that you feel sleepy around your partner, it's not necessarily a bad sign. Rather than a sure-fire signal that your other half is boring you to tears, plenty of research suggests that it can actually indicate a happy, healthy relationship.

“When we feel secure and comfortable with a partner, it can activate our body to feel so safe that we might fall asleep,” confirms accredited psychotherapist and author Tasha Bailey. “The feeling of safety activates the parasympathetic part of our nervous system (which is the part that is in charge when we feel relaxed). Our pupils dilate, our breath gets deeper and our heart rate drops as our body slowly unwinds. This means that our body is preparing itself for rest, which is why we might find ourselves falling asleep easily with our partner,” she adds.

This may be why you might struggle to fall asleep next to a partner when you first start dating, before you've really established a deep bond. “If we don’t feel safe with a partner, our fight-or-flight sympathetic nervous system can be activated. This can leave us feeling on edge, anxious and too hyper-vigilant to be able to relax,” explains Tasha.

If you're always sleepy around your partner, this is what it could mean

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But the urge to nap extends far beyond the here and now, it has a primal origins. “Feeling sleepy around your partner can be a great sign that you trust this person enough to fall asleep in their presence. If we think back to pre-historic times, our ancestors could only fall asleep in places and with people where they were safe and out of danger. So saying that we can fall asleep in the presence of a partner, means that we feel safe and protected,” Tasha points out.

Chemically bonded

Behind the scenes, the chemicals in our body can take off when we're near our loved one. “Being with someone we love and trust, inspires the release of love-induced hormones that promote relaxation, wellbeing and sleep,” explains Tasha.

“Oxytocin is the cuddle hormone. It sparks feelings of love and trust during bonding moments like childbirth, breastfeeding and snuggles. It also regulates us and boosts empathy, giving us that giddy feeling of butterflies,” says Tasha.

“Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that shows up when we feel happy, high self-esteem and a sense of well-being. When we have a good level of serotonin in our system, not only do we feel stable in our relationships but also in our emotions too. This is why a lack of serotonin is often linked to depression and low mood,” Tasha explains.

“Dopamine comes from reward and pleasure, which we will definitely feel in the presence of someone we love. When we have all of these chemicals flowing through our body, we are on a wellbeing high which means our body has full permission from our mind to unwind and rest,” Tasha says – which could explain that snoozy feeling you get around your other half.

Deep breaths

For some, listening to their partner snore during the night is the death knell to a good kip, but others (like myself) may find their partner's gentle breathing rhythm can regulate their own inhales and exhales as they settle down to sleep, promoting a sense of calm.

“This can also link to the automatic nervous system (ANS),” says Tasha. “When we feel safe, our breath naturally becomes deeper and slower, reducing the alertness in our body and moving us into rest and digest mode.”

Sleepy scents

A study by the University of British Colombia found that a partner's scent can also send you into a slumber. It compared the impact of sleeping with a partner's T-shirt versus a clean t-shirt or one worn by a stranger – and found that participants who were exposed to their partner's scent overnight experienced better sleep quality, even when their partner was not physically present.

“Scent can play a big role in activating our brain and nervous system to feel safe and relaxed,” Tasha concurs. “We connect smells with memories and experiences. So if a scent reminds us of feeling safe, we will instantly relax and our body will feel more regulated.”

Glimmers of hope

Scent memories can play into a wider phenomenon, known as glimmers. “Glimmers are sensory signals that tell our brains that we’re safe because they’re connected to previous positive experiences,” explains Tasha. “For example, smelling our partner’s perfume or cologne or listening to a song that we connect to our relationship can all bring us comfort, activating our parasympathetic nervous system,” she says.

When all of these chemicals and sensory signals collide, it can result in you feeling seriously sleepy around your partner – which, when you think about it, is actually kinda cute.

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