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Does Cécred deliver? These are our honest thoughts

Does Cécred deliver? These are our honest thoughts

Here's what we thought…

Along with the rest of the beauty world, we've been desperate to try out Beyoncé's much-requested (and anticipated) hair care brand, Cécred, since it launched in February. Manifesting Bey's life-long dream to create hair products, after growing up in her mum's salon in Houston, the range prioritises textured hair as well as hair that lacks moisture and strength.

The products tap up hard-working scientific formulas with a patent-pending bioactive keratin (to mimic the keratin needed to make human hair strong and healthy), but together with performance, Bey has given us something that feels intentional, personal and focused around rituals. Even the name of the brand, (which takes the last syllable of Beyoncé's name and is pronounced say-cred), leans into sacred moments of self care.

Sounds good right? We think so too, so we put it to the test.

The products:

Does Cécred deliver? These are our honest thoughts

Cécred Hair Range, from £29£29 at Cécred

Robyn, GLAMOUR's Social Media Manager

Does Cécred deliver? These are our honest thoughts

Product: Nourishing Hair Oil, £43

From the moment I unpacked this hair oil I felt like Queen Bey royalty. First is the bottle, which would look more at home sat in the Louvre than on a desk beside my hair creams and edge control. Then there's the smell. My first thought was: “This must be exactly what Beyonce must smell like”. Rich, healing, warm and feminine.

The oil is relatively light in texture, compared to raw castor oil or most serums on the market, however, it instantly weighed down my 3b hair, which is currently fighting against all my best efforts to wear it straight. It feels nourishing and gives a brilliant shine, while the blend of 13 hair oils, including olive, argan and castor, led me to believe the nourishment was penetrating below the surface. My hair was left feeling healthy and looking glossy and my split ends finally fell in line. I did find the effect began to wear off as my hair absorbed the product, but a quick reapplication brought the frizz and static back under control. I love this oil and it will definitely become a staple in my hair routine, whether I am wearing it curly or straight.

Rating: 10/10

Does Cécred deliver? These are our honest thoughts

Nourishing Hair Oil£43 at Cécred

Chrissie, GLAMOUR's Creative Producer

Does Cécred deliver? These are our honest thoughts

Product: Moisturizing Deep Conditioner, £37

I was super excited to try the long awaited hairline from Queen Bey and the products did not disappoint. From the out-of-this-world luxurious packaging, to the Cécred branding, using it felt like a super special experience.

The smell of the conditioner felt comforting but confident – exactly how I imagine Queen Bey to smell. It had a nostalgic fragrance, like something from the '90s that my mom might have used in my hair as a kid.

The product was easy to apply and offers a hydrating feel to the hair, however it didn't feel groundbreaking. It glided into my hair effortlessly with a thicker texture that felt like it could really transform my hair. Upon styling I had super shiny locks but it's not the most moisturising.

Rating: 7/10

Does Cécred deliver? These are our honest thoughts

Moisturizing Deep Conditioner£37 at Cécred

Deborah, GLAMOUR's Editor in Chief and European Editorial Director

Does Cécred deliver? These are our honest thoughts

Product: Hydrating Shampoo, £29

Beyonce hair products? You don’t have to ask me twice. I love Beyonce, I love her hair and everything else she does, which is to the highest quality, and I expected only the best from her hair care. The packaging didn’t disappoint – a beautifully sculpted white bottle, in a unique shape that stands out in my bathroom in terms of style. Neither did the fragrance, which for me is a make or break when choosing my shampoos. It smelled like a luscious expensive perfume, or a run through a rainforest on a rainy day. It lathers (tick) and makes my hair feel silky when washing (tick).

My hair is long, thick, curly and frizzy. I inherited it from my Iranian mother and grandmother and it's my armour, so I'm very specific with what I use. I mainly wear it straight, so I need products that make it easy to manage. This is where my disappointment came in. When blow drying, it was hard to handle. It made me feel like I had a waxy residue on my hair, which made it much tougher to get the brush through. On the plus side it removed all the frizz. I tried it on my daughter who has twice the thickness and double the curl. She wears her hair curly and for her it was perfect. It gave her a gorgeous curl and removed the fly-away feeling. So my feedback is: if you're about a bouncy sleek blow dry and want to minimise your thick hair, then maybe this isn’t for you. If you want to enhance your gorgeous curls then run don’t walk.

Rating: 6/10

Does Cécred deliver? These are our honest thoughts

Hydrating Shampoo£29 at Cécred

Yasmin, Conde Nast's Special Projects & Events Manager

Does Cécred deliver? These are our honest thoughts

Product: Reconstructing Treatment Mask, £41

Is there anything Queen Bey can't do? I had high hopes for this product and it did not disappoint. Firstly, the smell, this needs to be bottled up and made into a fragrance immediately.

The product has a very light and creamy consistency and a little goes a long way. As I worked the product through my hair the definition of my natural curls popped instantly which is always a good indicator to me. My hair was left feeling soft and shiny and definitely decreased the amount of shedding since using it. The only downside was that it added an additional 20 minutes to my wash day which is already a lengthy process, but for the results I would say it was worth it.

Rating: 9/10

Does Cécred deliver? These are our honest thoughts

Reconstructing Treatment Mask£41 at Cécred

Elle, GLAMOUR's Senior Beauty Editor

Does Cécred deliver? These are our honest thoughts

Product: Fermented Rice & Rose Protein Ritual, £51

I tried the Fermented Rice & Rose Protein Ritual to fortify my strands and add softness. You start by applying your shampoo as normal, then things get interesting. The first step of the ritual requires you to fill the shaking vessel (a separate purchase) with 700ml of warm water, so just before full. Next you empty the rice and rose powder sachet into the vessel and shake it together like a protein shake. Once mixed, you use the nozzle lid to pour the contents all over your hair from root to tip. I was surprised by how much I appreciated this step. I haven't had water poured over my hair since I was a little girl and my mum used a jug to wash my hair in the bath. The act immediately brought back the memory, and even doing it on myself felt like a really comforting act of self care. You leave the lightly floral-smelling treatment to sink in for five minutes before thoroughly rinsing it off and moving onto step two, the silk rinse.

For step two, you're supposed to saturate the contents of the pouch over all of your hair. I have fine hair that's oily at the roots and dry at the ends, so I applied it through my mid-lengths and ends instead. The scent is subtle but it smells creamy and expensive, so I enjoyed letting it marinate for five minutes while it sank in. When the time was up I rinsed it away and finished with my regular conditioner. A lot of times when I try new products it can be difficult to detect the impact they've made on my hair, but this made it feel noticeably nourished – it looked and felt healthier and less dry. My strands felt fuller and quenched and it felt softer, too. It had the same swish I get when I leave the hairdressers. Overall I really like the concept. It's not designed for every wash and is recommended as a bolt-on to your hair routine every 4-6 weeks (which is just as well, because to really enjoy it, this is very much a Sunday ritual. It wouldn't work before work). That helps justify the price for me. You get four treatments in a box, which means it could last you up to half a year. What surprised me the most was how much I really did enjoy the ritual of it. If your feeling frazzled or just want a pick-me-up, this requires you to slow down and take a moment, plus it gives you gorgeous hair at the end of it.

Rating: 8/10

Does Cécred deliver? These are our honest thoughts

Fermented Rice & Protein Ritual£51 at Cécred

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